Saturday, October 8

Scrumptious lunch dishes at Seri Pacific

One good thing about attending training at hotel is that the free lunch is provided by hotel.Yippi! It was 4-day training. There were arrays of food selections for the luncheons. And the menu repeats everyday. So I guess there was no rush for me to shove every scrumptious foods in one day, no?

I had a feeling to taste almost all of them.But there are times when look see-ing the dishes was enough to satisfy my appetite.Huhu.

                                                                   mussels, prawns

                                                                rice with assorted lauk

                                                                      rojak buah and fried chicken

                                                                                mee rebus

cheese cakes and other desserts

1 responses:

Ju Zie said...

mak aiii... sooo many foooood!!

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