Tuesday, November 8

PNB Darby Park, KL

I was invited for a 5-day training. Yes it was longer than usual, thus I reserved for myself a room at PNB Darby Park, which is quite near to the training venue.

PNB Darby Park is a service apartment which is very suitable for those travellers who wish to bring their family along while on a business trip.

                                                                        the reception

There are various rates available which are affordable and worthy, considering the location and conveniences that they offer. But I have to remind here that you don`t expect super satisfactory room when you pay less for a cheapest rate. Experience talks. :p

This was not the first time that I stayed here. To be on the safe side for a comfortable long stay, I opted for the club floor. During previous stay, I was given an apartment with 2 rooms, huuuge one. I don`t know what went wrong, the apartment I stayed this time around only has one room, but the room rate was same! Ah, nevermind. I was all alone anyway. Pfftt..

One good thing about staying in service apartment is that I could tapau food and heat it up back at room. How cool is that. The small kitchen, (or shall I call it pantry?) provides the basic utilities and kitchenware for cooking meals. Ok, don't get me wrong, that does not include things like beras, sayur and whatnot. Definitely the guests have to bring them on their own. Hehe.

                                                  takeaway macaroni fresh from pan!

One priviledge to the club floor guests is that  we are entitled to enjoy cocktail at Executive Lounge, Level 39 from 5pm to 7pm.

It happened that Zaira was also on her business trip in KL. Thus I brought her to spend the tea time while having girls chat in a cozy ambience. Waaarhhh!~

Scrumptious kuih melayu, cakes and fruits are served every evening.  Welll, at least it will be enough for a light dinner,no? There were so little guests seen around. Perhaps they didn`t aware about it I guess. But once they learned about the priviledge, surely it will be nice spot for a relaxing evening.

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