Wednesday, November 30

Memento for a bestfriend

It`s been quite some time that I haven`t  done any cross-stich work.  But I started rummaging my sewing box when I was bored reading the books. So when the best friend of mine, Ju Z and family are leaving to further the study abroad, I found it just the right time to start again the new project.

When I came across this cute sample while flipping through the cross-stitch magazine, I knew it was the cutest thing to do for the best friend. And the project begins!

After 5 days of chasing the clock, it is ready!

Putting it in the frame, I was ready to give it to the said bestest friend when she came over to Paka.

We managed to spend some time together for the last time (perhaps) at my house. As always, we snapped a few pictures of me with her lil man. And yes, we had  meaningful moments, even it was just for a few hours.=)


4 responses:

Yan said...

banyak dah tu FM.

Achiq said...

don't be sad dear...Aus. dkt je skr ni...dah boleh balik hari...Air asia kan ada....

Ju Zie said...

Thanks dear... Mmg super duper kuper comel!! Miss u loads!!

Juli said...

kkyan : ada la sket2 kumpul.hehe
kazai: im ok bebeh. im ok~
juzie:super duper KUPER cute?? takleh blah!hahahah

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