Sunday, September 11

A good progress for this kid is made

I was reading my book alone in my room, as always. Being alone indulging in my book is one of the activities during my weekend to unwind the stressful days at work. My baby brother, Zhaffri opened the door of the room with her sister’s old book in his hand. He told me that he has learned writing at his kindergarten. Whoa. That`s quite a news!

I asked him to show me what he has learned. I took her sister`s text book, and pointed every alphabet and asked him to copy the word himself. He did it-himself! The exercise lasted from A-Z , 1 to 10. And his concentration only lasted until the last number, then he begged me to play online games using my netbook. Okayy~

That was the days when I have a handphone AND a netbook with wifi connected. Now that I bought myself an iPhone, it was  utterly an addiction to my baby siblings! I mean Zhaffri and his brother and sisters!

The rule of thumb is, the iphone is not to be left unattended, because in my home, there will always be an interested “party” to grab the gadget. Funny thing is, these baby siblings of mine secretly shared with one another the passcode to access my iphone. *fainted*

1 responses:

Ju Zie said...

Haaa... Passcode dh kantoi?? Hihi! Baby bro smakin pandai education dan gadget!

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