Sunday, October 16

27th May 2016 and the history begins

Hoho, it takes ages for me to get this milestone written in this blog, like err...4 months?

No, 5 months. My goodness. 

It was sunny Friday . As per planned , my family  made our way to the mosque where I always picture my akad nikah will take place.

And yes, I get married on this date. Just cant believe it's happening.

So the ceremony was brief , thankfully the Tok Kadi didn't prolong our nervous feelings. Just went straight to the business and got things done quickly.

My husband (mioww) took some time to perform Solat syukur soon after we were being united. 
Well, I didn't cry at the moment, but the overwhelming feeling of relief was surreal. And being me, I like to keep my tears rather private, be it happiness or otherwise.

But again, we are married, finally! Alhamdullilah.

We had nasi minyak  ready at home to serve the guests. But I just cudn't stomach any food at the moment out of excitement.  And later ,we went to the beach for some outdoor photography. Well, it is well anticipated that we won't have this  chance for a quiet outdoor photography during reception later. So , this is it!

The reception was held in July, mainly to celebrate our big day with family and friends with great foods.  I just couldn't be more grateful when all our fast-track planning fell into place perfectly, especially when my preferred make-up artist and photographer were available even though within very short notice.

Alhamdulillah, He made our plans went smooth and easy.

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