Saturday, December 10

Ambition of a lazy cum lousy gardener

Almost one year back, I wrote a story about my new passion about gardening in this entry. 

And there was no update about the progress of the plants afterwards.  Initially, being the so-called new gardener, I changed its ugly container to a much prettier vase.

For a start, I watered it, almost everyday, and gradually it became once in two days, aanndd once in a week, and worse,I let it grew on its own, until finally the soil dried out and- hmm, the plants died. What a lousy gardener I was.

I thought I had had enough with gardening thing. I am simply talentless in growing plants! However, when Ju Zie gave me her vase of pokok bunga kertas before her departure, I guess I can start over again the gardening. *wink*

I will be moving out to my new house soon. So now I am in a thorough effort of taking care this plant with the hope that some flowers will flourish out of it before it is relocated to the new house.

Plus, I bought the fertilizers to increase the growth rate, and  this daisy flower plant. I like the vibrant colors despite my initial intention of not dealing with flower plants. Ohh.. let see what will happen to this creature after a weeks. ah-ha~

Well at least I can ascertain myself that I am still a worthy plant care-taker. Haha!

4 responses:

Ju Zie said...

Si kertas ada kawan baru daisy! Yeaaahh!!

Juli said...

the kertas i trim siap2. bg tumbuh ke atas. hopefully grow well in my care.haha

Uya said...

ju,umah kan dekat jek ngan nursery...xpun meh g umah ak amek pokok je

Juli said...

tu la. skng tgh nk carik rumput kapet plok. pokok2 dah ada berpasu2 dah. tapi tatau la jangkahayat kalo idup ngn aku.hahha

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