Thursday, November 18

gardening as a newbie

The idea to do gardening was triggered lately when I moved in to new house to live with two new housemates. Coming back from office day to day, especially when I had a busy day, I found that the sight of growing life before our eyes was a good theraphy to help me unwind.

Initially, I was quite sceptical on my ability to grow a plant from seeds.I wonder whether I am capable to keep it alive, knowing I was not around everyday to water them as good as nursery would advise. But, why not if I give a try , isn`t? During one weekend, I started to find some plants from my auntie`s collections. The results were, I got bunch of them from my generous aunty!

This plant caught my interests as it has different shades of colors, and thats all I wanted, colours!Oh anyway, just ignore the container as I will put it in a proper vase as it grows larger.

Another is , this pokok puding, I love it to see that there will be new leave grow when I came back from business  trips.
These red leaves keeps on growing and growing from day to day. It`s exciting to see the progress!

The tricky part is this stem. I purposely planted this bunga kertas from the stem, and captured the progress from time to time. I don`t know how old it turn out to be before it died due to my gardening-lousiness. Anyway, it is intriguing to find it out later. Hmmm hmmm..

Well, I don`t bother much about name of  these plants. At the end in mind, I want to see the plants I instilled in the soil will grow to produce a beautiful flower and vibrant colors in front of my house for my mental stabilizing process upon coming back from office.Easy!

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Ju Zie said...

Long live tiny plants!!!

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