Sunday, November 28

Traveller caught jakun in Mandarin Oriental apartment!!!

Hahaa!! i like the sound of the title..

I normally travelled to KL for business trip basically once every two months, and once in a while it was almost every month.So I took the chance to stay as many as possible at hotels around KLCC, for conveniece to get to the meeting venue and also, to feel the different area of lavishness each hotel could provide. Of all hotels, Mandarin Oriental is the last options I was allowed to stay due to its damn pricey cost.

During this one trip, I contacted almost all hotels, even the lowest rate hotel I would want to stay I could remember, to get the room reservation.Nevertheless, I was not lucky enough, it was fully booked. And I finally learnt that the high traffic of hotel booking was due to world accountant congress, and I was upset, almost gave up to proceed with the travelling.

But then on the following week, I feel the need to go to the meeting, hence for my last resort, I called Mandarin Oriental. The result was

'Yes, we have the room available ma`am '

Yahuuu!!!!..It was done deal a few minutes later.

On the arrival day, I was notified by the warm receptionist that my room was upgraded. I was so whatever, didn`t expect much of the upgraded room.

the pathway for other two rooms in the suite

It was when I stepped into the room, errr,no, that was an apartment !!yess apartment!! I was gobsmacked and I took no time to text my bestie about extravagant lodging I ever stayed around KL hotels. Yes,I have the feeling to invite my friends who live in KL to come over, but most them who popped up in my mind are mostly married and awayyy from KL. Somehow, this luxuries are best to shared with someone we care, but whatelse I can do...

Diner Table which saw me having dinner all alone.kah kah kah
  The apartment doesn`t accomodate only one, not two but fooour televisions altogether, in each room plus one in living room. I feel like passing out to face this jakun scene all alone.haha.

living room

 twin-bed room

second kingsize-bedroom

bathroom for master bedroom

master bedroom,so much of a room, too little of my stuff
 The 3-bedroom apartment was spacious enough to provide kitchen with microwave, and I used it to reheat my dinner, hihi, and washing machine some more. I learnt that this apartment costs about RM1k. Perghh, how I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to experience this luxuries, even though for a few nights stay, it doesn`t really matter much. 

On top of eveything, this is not my intention to bragging of what I have experienced. I feel that this is worth to share/write for my sake of reading in the next future. Kapish!

For more info and marvellous pictures, click here

2 responses:

achiq said...

Tak takut ke?

Julesness said...

terlebih jakun lalu terlupa antuuuuu..

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