Wednesday, December 1

Melaka the Historical City, bitter and sweet..

First time I went to Melaka was in June 2008, almost two years back with my bestie. Back then, in early months of employment and travelling age, we summoned the courage to drive on our own   around city we barely familiar for a so-called Melaka Roadtrip. Being as a first time driving there, there was a panicky moment when my friend accidently took wrong direction at the wrong lane, which made us went frantic as hell. Haha! Somehow that made me smile when reminisced them. Hihi.

It was recently when I went back here with my family.Upon arrival, I saw Melaka has undergone massive transformation as compared to my previous visit. We went to Banda Hilir, town with blazing red building that you can find nowhere in Malaysia other than here. The floral decorated tricycles were everywhere you can saw around. While the veteran tricyclist would played Baba Nyonya song, the youngster on the other hand were more courageous to present new trend of modern tricyclist with hip hop songs were loudly heard when they passed us by. Somehow or other,I think  that was more of a noise rather than entertainment if Iwere the passenger.

siblings with beautifully decorated tricycles
A Famosa is a-must go attraction, when reach Melaka. We climb the hill and take hundreds of steps to get to the highest part which oversaw the panaromic view of Melaka. While it is uncommon activitiy for my mother to do this physical challenge, she was aching all over her body after we returned home.  Poor her. Huhu

Apart from that, there is a giant ship on the land which never sail which is also main attraction in this town.

Parents with A`Famosa as a background

mother with cranky brother when I refused to buy him 'Kompang'

 We did some shopping at the little shops in the building. Souvenirs,shirts, or even traditional snacks were all available and sold by warm local people.

The eldest and the baby

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