Tuesday, December 21

The Time Traveller`s wife

Title : The Time Traveller`s Wife
Author : Audrey Niffenegger

Looking at the title of the book is enough to anticipate how complicated the story is all about. It is basically a love story of Henry who suffers a genetic disorder where his genetic clock periodically resets with his wife, Clara.  As a result, he will find himself suddenly thrown in his past or his future.

Clare and Henry met when Clare was six and Henry was thirty-six, and get married when twenty-two and Henry was thirty. It is an enjoyable reading,despite the confusing storyline throughout the reading.

To understand the story, I think it requires certain degree of wild imagination to immerse in the story and ultimately enjoy this passionate love story despite the uncommon disease Henry has been suffering.

This book was also featured in motion picture,and I watched the movie as well. It turned out as interesting as the book!

2 responses:

achiq said...

Mula-mula tengok movie ni blur gak.. tapi sedih kan? ada ke mcm tu dlm dunia realiti? kalau ada, mcm mana?

Ju Zie said...

Klo ada... lps mati bole jmp lg agaknye...

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