Friday, December 24

Ladies lunch out @ Pizza Hut, KLCC

One of my routines when I visited KL for business trip is seeing my old friends. Some of them are married, some are soon-to-be, while others work at suburb of KL. So, lunch hours or a few hours after 5  are the best time for us to hang out, update one another with our life and whatnot. Weekend outings like campus life?? Just forget it! Even I  frequently found myself restless to stay outstation longer than necessary. Hahah..

It was recently when a meeting was organized at KLCC.  I took the opportunity to buzz Ainul and Ziela about my visit. So, we met up for lunch at Pizza Hut. We didn`t have a heavy lunch, just some bites, for our main purpose was more to talk,talk and talk within that one hour of meeting. Ziela and I went for regular hut platter, two plates actually while Ainul opted for brownies.

Regular hut platter

Hot brownies

This pic was taken somewhere in May 2010, and Ziela was still waiting for Haziq to come out while Ainul was yet to expect a baby. Zaira was no different like "mak arab", was she? That was basically the last time I saw they both, ehem! exception for travel mate, Zaira. hihi..

And recently when I met them again!! Similar face with different persona.

And Ainul, after years of waiting to get pregnant, her time finally has come. And it was so apparent on her radiant face of how happy she is nowadays. Happy for you too, honey!

cute bump of Ainul`s.hihi. I bet this gonna be a girl!
 Ziela was all always about her son, baby and motherhood, auwww.. And reminisced her back in her Funky girl days, it was waaaaaaaaaayyy different. Hebat penangan Haziq yer! Hihihi

So, I took sometime accompanied Ziela for cap-hunting for her 6-month Haziq and I have yet to give him anything! ( how time flies!!). I got a romper for him, well slightly bigger than 6-month infant, but it is better to get bigger size rather than unfit at all. Hihihi..

I`m done with Yatie`s son, Haris, Ziela`s Haziq, Ainul is on the way. So, when I will be able to see Juraidah Hashim and her Jasmine nehhhh..??

3 responses:

Ju Zie said...

mak ai~ sedapnye platter tu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hampir jilat skrin latop!

Juraidah Hashim said...

kite sudah bertemu..lalala~~

Julesness said...

alhamdulillah..tido lena tak bermimpi2 la lepah nii..sampai hajat aku.hihih

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