Thursday, December 30

Paper plate- licking sight at KFC

After running some errands whole morning in one weekend, I decided to have a late breakfast at KFC. Well, if some of my old  friends wonder whether I`m still a big fan of KFC, yes I am.hihihi. So I walked in there quite early which were a few minutes after the restaurant was opened.

Lesser customers mean less crowd. Instead of going upstair to get more privacy as I always did, I opted to have my breakfast at the ground floor, near the secondary entrance of the store. This store has two separate partitions with its main entrance faces the cashiers and other staff. So whoever who wished enjoy outside food in KFC can simply walk into it using the secondary door with hassle free.

While enjoying my brunch, I noticed that a few kids entered the store through the secondary door in front of me. They were neither buying food nor bringing any from outside and rushed to the upstairs  of the  store. After finished my meal, I left my wallet, car keys and everything to wash my hand, which was just a few walks away from my table. 

When I turned to my table, I saw one of the boys suddenly appeared from the upstairs and stared to my table. I was not sure whether it was my wallets or the left-over that he was eyeing for. Then the rest of his friends follow at his back. Well, for a starving customer, there`s nothing much of the left over that was still edible. Looking in their eyes, I suspected something was not right about the boys. Perhaps they can sense of what I had noticed about them, then they acted as if interested with the toys displayed nearby. The more suspicious I was!!

So I went out from the store, glancing at my back every now and then, still curious of what they boy were up to and crossed the road to my car. I took some time to observe them from side mirror. And I saw one of them licked a KFC paper plate outside the premise. A few moments later, they entered back KFC restaurant and grab left over from my table before leaving to the shopping areas ahead from the restaurant! That was so poor sight I never thought it still exists in my hometown. I have a feeling to reach out for them, to help, but they fled too soon for me to catch them up. I was moved..huhu

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Ju Zie said...

Sedihnye... Poor boys, i hoped you didn't spit out any bones, huhu!

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