Saturday, January 1

31st December 2010 .Happy New Year!

It will be a couple of hours before we hit new year, 2011. And I`m still awake even though I am so sleepy. So, what I have achieved for the past 365 days?? Some of them have been successfully completed and I couldn`t be more than pleasant, while some of them are still pending to be completed,(cliche).  But I`m not gonna rack my sleepy mind to reminisce all good and bad memories  that I went through  in 2010 . That will be freaking long and I bet nobody is going to continue reading after two paragraphs of my UPSR essay. Kannnn??  hihihi..I prefer to summarize it in this simple line 'I have had good days in 2010, and some turned out not as pleasant as I expected, but I`m glad that I went throught them with open heart and mind'.

To cut it short, shorter and shorter, I will write things that have happened around me on 31 December 2010, yess, today . 

I woke up in the morning when it was raining very heavy outside.  As a native  of  Terengganu, I can  tell from the sound of the heavy rain which started from as early as 5am that my house area was going to be attacked by flood. And it turned out that I was right when the water has flooded the ground area of my neighbourhood at 10am.



If previous year, my car was almost sinking in flood when it was parked here.

But, now, she has her own porch, I`ve got nothing to worry about when it was flooded around my house. Subsequently her owner can take her sweet time to create a new blogshop for 2011.


these kids were actually dying to jump into the rain, but this screaming sister was always there monitoring.hihi

Yes, with the new year is round the corner, I feel like it`s time for me to measure how well I can do in business. Plus, I`ve met  a couple of successful lady enterepreneurs who have been so supportive to supply me the selling items in my blog. So, check out  my blogshop!!

So, the rest of the day was a sleepy day,and  I think it was due to excessive intake  of Mother`s  'pulut kuning'. Man, you are not supposed to eat plateful of pulut as if you eat plateful of rice, are you? What to do, I`ve been craving for it soooo long.Hahah.

So, it was 10 PM when I was about to go to sleep when I took some time to check my internet banking. And just to find out that due date for payment will be tomorrow, and I didn`t have sufficient money in account to pay the credit!! Dang! Like it or not, I changed my outfit ,rushed to nearby ATM machine to deposit  some cash for paying the outstanding credit. I thought the due date is 2nd Jan.I was so lousy on New Year Eve. Huhuhuhu.

Wow!!! Finally you have reached the end of  my 31st December 2010. I think I`m honoured to wish you Happy New Year!!

2 responses:

Juraidah Hashim said...

apsal aku click blogshop tu x wujud wei

Juli said...

hehehhe.tengkiyu for highlghting.mamai2..dah update dah.

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