Wednesday, January 5

Indulging Starbucks`s Chocolate Cream Chip in Pizza Hut

It`s been a while I have my lunch alone in front of my PC. Not that I am anti-social or anything.  It is due to increasing responsibilities and tasks to cover my counter-part`s who is currently on a long leaves. Thus, the silent office during lunch hour is the best hour for me to unwind, at least for an hour or so.
Once in a while, my lunch mate, Kakyan and I will go to Mesra Mall to have our lunch and girls` talk like nobody`s business. And more often than not, we only realize that we have been late to go back to office a few minutes after two. You know, stuff that girls do when they meet, story-telling and whatnot. Hihi.
So recently, after a few days we have not met each other, we decided to have lunch together in Starbucks. Mind you, we`ve never been there for dine-in, so absolutely we have no idea what is in there for lunch.
Have you ever experienced the time when you lost for word that has been used frequently?  This happened when  I was about to ask the cashier  the availability of  lunch set. Suddenly I cannot think of the translation of makanan at that point of time!!  I racked my brain thinking of it, but I failed and let Kakyan do the talking with the cashier boy. And when she asked the cashier whether any heavy FOOD is provided, I was aaaahhh... that`s the word, food.. I mean, you entered cosy cafe and asked
‘kat sini tade makanan ker?’.
That sounds quite out of place,kan? Well, I was about to say that line anyway. So before our jakunness  became apparent  in front of the  boy, I better shut up. Hihihi
To our disappointment, there were only snacks, and that was not a good choice for our starving stomach. So, we left to Pizza Hut. Thank God the staff didn`t kick us out for bringing outside drink. Phew!!  I planned to take some snap shots of what we had for the lunch. Not much, a personal pizza, regular hut platter and chicken wings. But we were so starving, that I have forgotten everything when the waiter came to us with our meals. Only when we finished all meals with no left-over, then only I remember my initial plan. Well, too late..

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4 responses:

matahari said...

teringat lak time kat KL dulu, sokmo2 jugok hangout bersame.......

Juli said...

tulaaa..dang duk dekat susoh benor nk temu nyer

~WaNniE~ said...

singgah sini..

Juli telah ditag

arep_lockermonth said...

hi salam kenal!
arep follow blog nih!

singgah blog arep n follow k!huhu

nih link!

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