Thursday, January 13

Pleasant Deluxe Stay as Paris Hilton- wannabe

Hang on, citing her name doesn`t mean that I am a fan of Paris Hilton yea!  Hilton KL is situated at KL Sentral, just a few walks away from LRT KL Sentral. I noticed  that the hotel now provides room stay plus breakfast with cheaper rate, unlike previous years when they offered more expensive rate than other hotels around KLCC and without breakfast.

I reached KL as early as 9 in the morning whereas meeting started after lunch. So, this means I have plenty of time on my own, thus I went straight to hotel for early check in. Thank God, there was room available for me.

The reception hall

It is a hot spot for Datuk Seri , Tan Sri or even Dato` celebrity visiting this hotel for dining. There was one time when I overheard a waitress who was ushering man with complete suit into restaurant when she whispered her colleague via walkie talkie and asked
‘ni Datuk Seri ke Tan Sri?’
Apparently it is not easy job being a waitress in 5 stars hotel. Hmmm..Plus, I once bumped into Datuk Siti, husband and son in a lift.  And yes, she is gorgeous and glamorous, no doubt. I am not one of her fans, tho.


internet via wi-fi, hihi

Previously, the sliding door which separates the room and bath room was see-through that your mate can see you were taking your shower.  I think the hotel has made some renovation to the room that now the door is made frosted, or.....or maybe I was given the other type of room.  

There were plenty of food selections, American breakfast, Chinese, Indians, you name it. And this was what I have for myself. Yes, with two glasses of fresh  juices. Hihihi.

In certain hotels, food are not allowed to be taken out from the restaurant, I mean after having the  free breakfast.  Yes, you can sneak the foods out of the restaurant if you want to, just be careful for  not  getting  yourself caught with bagful of foods, free2 dapat malu kan?? Ok Ok , bagful is too much. Heheh..Well, the interesting part of the breakfast service in Hilton is  that they allow us to ‘tapau’ too!! And they even provide the paper bag to takeaway. How cool is that?? How on earth can I resist that? At least, the fresh fruits there were very hard to let go.hihi..

For business traveller out there, check it out!! 
More luxury pictures, click here.

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11 responses:

Achiq said...

Dear, aku rasa ko patut dpt free stay kat mana2 hotel yang pernah ko review. Betul tak?
Mesti ada cara ni.. jom siasat......

Hazari. said...

is hilton hotel is one of the 5stars hotel in malaysia ?

i like the part when the customers are able to 'tapau' the food.

Juli said...

yup, it is one of 5 stars hotels in Msia =). I never been anywhere in Malaysian hotel whihc provides tapau bag for guest!hihih

Juli said...

kak zai: kalo ada nuffnang utk hotel, sudah lame saya register.hihih

arep_lockermonth said...

sy follower blog kamo!
singgah la blog sy kalau free and follow me back ..hehe :P

my new entry :

Hazari. said...

yea, never found one..

Anonymous said...

I just lalu kat Hotel Hilton je..
takde peluang lagi nak masuk . haha

Juli said...

shina: mana tau nnt2 ada rezeki kann..

anamizu said...

wahhh so nice lah can have such a comfortable hotel like this ^^

recent post : |curriculum vitae atau resume???|

Pajill Nostra said...

wow! bestnye.

mrs redzuan said...

frosted glass to rasanya dah lama kot Jue, masa kite stay sana sama2 dulu I dpt bilik mcm tu.(Frust pasal x tggu u abis check in, kalo x leh terserempak ngan tokti jugak!!huhu) Kelakar bila igt balik kes x jumpa carik iron board!! kua kuaaa

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