Thursday, January 20

Speech of wisdom

A quarter departmental engagement was organized by my colleagues. As always, big boss has delivered his speech to all of us. I like the part when he told us that being senior manager of maintenance department was not what he has planned when he was transferred from Pakistan to current office.

Why? Being in maintenance department, we never been in the win situation. When the equipment are all healthy and maintenance people has nothing to do except for cleaning up and polishing the spanners and tools, people will question

        " korng tak reti wat keje ker?".
But when the plant trips and equipment break down, people will go

"korang ni tade keje ker??"

Hj Big Boss

Those are only  the anologies that he used  for us  to understand the message clearly. Either way, maintenance people have never been right. Somehow, I found it is true, because when we put enormous efforts to our tasks and yet when we didn`t get recognized for the efforts, sometimes I myself can't help from feeling useless. Yes, we cannot please everyone, everytime. Nevertheless, I feel inspired when he went on saying
"......... no matter what job (as maintenance staff per se) you are given, do it at your best. If people say that you achievement did not meet their expectation, you can be satisfied because you have done your best, your conscience is clear."
Hmm..As long as I work my arse off the responsibilities given,I guess my existence in this organization is justified.

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4 responses:

Hazari. said...

i still dunno what's your job anyway. anyway anyway, good luck ~

Juli said...

hahah..thnx dude!it`s the motivation that matters here..guess it`s gonna be long elaboration to understand my job..ahh, just forget it =)

mrs redzuan said...

tu ayat boss yang sgt cool. cer imagine ayat ex-boss yg energetic tu pulok cemane? hehehe

Juli said...

boss tu side-track byk sangt kalo bagi ucapan.scribler akan pening paler mana nk salient points,mana sidetrack..hahaha

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