Wednesday, January 12

Sorry to see you go...

Ahhh...So many people are leaving my office nowadays. My boss is leaving to Sudan very soon for his promotion, one of my colleagues just get married and left to other section, and our only trainee is also preparing for her last day of internship before continuing  her study for next one  year.  Less another  breakfast mates in Kak Timah`s  pantry. Huhu..
This is part of our ritual in our office to hold an engagement to acknowledge their departure. So Kak Zai was the one who worked pretty hard to ensure the farewell ceremony a success. Without her, we will never get to eat the tasteful roti jala, nasi minyak and creamy air bandung.  That`s the intent anyway, eat, eat and eat..Slurpppp...U-oh.. My stomach is drumming while writing this entry.Darn!

Oh, there was a cake for birthday , nonetheless birthday boy man, Zul was not around.
So, the little ceremony was kicked off with token presentation by our boss to the newly-bride groom, Zikri and to our trainee Dilla. Then it was followed by token presentation to our departing boss by Haji Big Boss.

bright face of a newly bride groom

'Finally I`m leaving, yes!! yess!!" (hehe)

Kak Zai has been very multitasking when in the beginning of the engagement.  Out of the blue, she was requested to be the emcee, bidan terjun katakan.  Standing next to her was our big boss, coolest boss I ever worked with. Don`t play- play, Pn Emcee.Heheh

As soon as the gift presentation was over, the other colleagues took no time to get the foods.

And these are the faces of starving men having their meal. Hahah.

So, these are the rest of my colleagues.

P/s: Wishing all the best in future undertakings to Hj Meor, Dilla plus Zikri, even tho he just transferred a few doors away from us..hihihi

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4 responses:

Achiq said...

wah minah interframe... selalu ada kat mana2..

Juli said...

tu la event neja kami.hiihi

MammaSun said...

waaaa.....nak gak ada dalam gambar tuuuuu

Juli said...

alaa suna,, jgn kan kata farewell tu, masa bekpes pon teringat ko tade join

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