Friday, January 28

Business Getaway in Langkawi; the 99 magical islands

Normally, any meeting or business related trips that I ever attended were in KL. And once in a while there were invitations for meeting which was held at Kota Kinabalu for the same reasons. Recently, I was invited to an annual seminar, and the best thing is, it would be held in Langkawi! Of course I was excited, I mean, there is no way I'm going to be there at this near future, if it is for leisure purpose. 

So, there I was, reaching the beautiful island of Langkawi which  belongs to a cluster of 99 islands off the west coast of Malaysia.

Upon arrival in Langkawi I took a ride heading to the lodging. Apparently, on the island, van is widely used  as their so-called taxi service. Meanwhile car rental  services are highly recommended for those who planned to  take a tour around the island on their own at relatively cheap rate, I suppose. A firiend of mine rented Proton Wira initially at rate of RM70/day. It turned out, the car was not available ,she was lucky that day  for the the rental agent has upgraded it to Integra at the same rate!

I stayed at Bayview Hotel, for the seminar was organized at the same hotel. Looking at the reception counter, there was nothing much impressive about the hotel. Until later, we learnt that the Princess of Kedah was also staying there that we have to defer our photo taking session at the lobby to give way to the princess to check out. Hmmm... 

walkway to the room

My room-with chargable wi-fi

 In conjunction with the seminar, my stay in the hotel came together with package of a couple of lunches and dinners.

Pheonix Restaurant

Heavy lunch for a starving guest

The best part about the free buffets was barbecue dinner which took place by the pool side. The view of the city from the top of the building is spectacular. There were so many seafood selections, and after years, I ate crabs - barbecued one! Somehow, eating crab was not a straightforward job, and I had enough of them by the time I ate one and half a crab. Hihihi

First meal before anything else. Gulllpp!
The last time I visited Langkawi was 7 years back for Geology trip. Back then, being in Langkawi was solely for exploring the luxury of rock structures around the island. It didn't occur to me to do any shopping. The pocket money was very limited that doing any shopping was like putting my neck on a chopping board. Heheh..

Nevertheless, that was my study years.  Stepped into duty free shop, there were stacks of glassware sold at what they say as cheap as half of normal price. Well, those were not listed in my shopping lists anyway. Unlike my married friends who have successfully bought boxes of them. 

The shopping lot were only a few walks away from Bayview Hotel. Most of my shopping items were chocolates and clothes to my family and friends which enough to occupy whole space of my luggage and weighed over 15kilos.

Not enough with the shopping during the day, a friend of mine recommended Kak Yan and I to go Langkawi Fair as she claimed that there were many branded stuff such as Gucci, Bonia and chocolates with duty-free price. We went frantic at the sound of it! We took no time to go to that Langkawi Fair after having the dinner, but it turned out that we had overestimated the place.

There were not really much choices of brand outlets as we expected, actually. Among the many shops was Sembonia, thus I went there to see the shoes displayed with the end in mind just for a window shop. But, this was the result of the so-called window shopping. =)

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10 responses:

Hazari. said...

after hilton hotel, and now it's langkawi. wahwahwah. anyway, married women do really love to buy some cheap glassware. dunno why.

Juli said...

hahah..definitely.some married women love to have collection of glassware,(quietly, i wonder y too) but hey, not cheap2 ones, no!

Juraidah Hashim said...

hey juli suda mkn sayur skrg!

Juli said...

kuang kuang kuang..healthy conscious kononn skangg

sayasukamerapu said...

langkawi mmg best.. :)
thumbs up utk pics. sgt menarik dan cantik.

Hazari. said...

eh, come to think of it, most of them are branded !! wkakkaka.

Juli said...

sayasukamerapu : thanks =)
hazari:and yes, branded stuff with cheaper price than at main land..hiih

mrs redzuan said...

terasa tau...(masuk dlm kategori married women), hahaha. Bkn apa, kat luar mahal sgt jadik bila dah jumpa brg sama ngan harga yg lebih murah, tu yg memborong x hengattt..
Nway, masa belum jadik married women dulu pun belikan jugak glassware tuk my mom. Tak blh nak dijelaskan mcm mana gambaran happy di muka bonda. Tp guna time raya jek tua biasalah, kalau barang yg dia sayang...mmg dia sayang lah nak guna. hehe

Juli said...

hhehe..ape plaknyer, i bangga mmber2 ramai yg married2 tauu..tu borong barang super discounted sana sini tambah lagi dapt free set.hihi

WinZie said...

ooo, nice photos. rindu pergi langkawi. :)

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