Sunday, January 2

Friends and babies visiting day

This entry is dedicated for my old friends with their baby girls who I just recently met, Aishah and Jedah.

I was having a long stretch of holidays. So I took the opportunity to visit a good friend of mine, Aisyah  and her 2-month-old baby girl, Fatima Nur Zahra. Well, I have visited her the first time as soon as she was discharged from hospital. And this little princess weighed over 4 kilo at only a few days after being born. I forgot her birth-date, haiyo!

Zara a few days after birth

And after months of not seeing them, I took some time to pay a visit the mommy and her fast growing baby. She is getting cuter than before and the skin is fairer, as compared to reddish white during previous visit.

2-month-old Zara

Initially, the visit was to see Aishah and daughter. But, it turned out a lil bit unexpected when Aishah`s mother shoved me a bundle of silk fabrics to be sold amongst my officemates. I win a jackpot! Well, not in monetary context, but the offer she gave me to sell the silks clothes was awesome kick-start for me in  doing business. As a result,many hours of my visit were spent with her mother and the silks.

That was the morning visit, and in the afternoon I received text from Jedah that she was on her way  from Kuantan to my home. Jedah was my sole roommate throughout 5 years of my campus life. After graduated, we drifted apart with our own life and the last time we met was at her wedding reception. Now, she is a mommy of cute princess, Jasmine Nurhana finally reached my home, after series of plans. Heheh..

She kept on claiming that she is getting fat. That is OK so long you have provided the best care to your healthy daughter, at least before Jasmine turn 2. Hihi..
Jedah and bright-eye Jasmine

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Ju Zie said...

Berjujuran air liur Jasmine... kuci kuci koo!

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