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5th PMMS User Workshop FY1011

Last year, I was requested to write an article about this forum which was held in Kota Kinabalu to be published in intranet at our office. But this year, I think I'm gonna pass the baton to the junior colleague to write it. And as for myself, I would prefer to write about the event in my very blog. Hihihi. At least I can opt to be less formal, kan?


The seminar or what we called as PMMS User Workshop was organized at Bayview Hotel, Langkawi from 25 until 26th Jan 2011. The workshop is basically a platform for us, PMMS users to share our best practice to be emulated by fellow colleagues at other OPUs. Not to mention, the award presentations to those OPUs which have successfully achieved 1st ranking amongst 19 OPUs in a number of categories such as Best Performing OPU in PMMS Benchamarking Penetration, Best Performing OPUs in Maintenance Scorecard, just to name a few. To our regret, our company (which is also called by us as OPUwas not listed as one of the winners, like last year.

Event opening  by Performing Art of Langkawi Tourism

There were a few attempts from colleagues and organizers requesting me to be the presenter and the emcee. U-oh! I have presented at the similar forum a couple of years back, there are some other junior colleagues who will be more appropriate to enhance their experience and it somehow justified my declination. And being the emcee of the event would be the burden of nervousness throughout the trip, that I didn't really hmm...fancy  them. Again, I declined it. While doing early shopping as soon as reaching Langkawi, the organizer team requested for my favour to be the 'dulang girl' for Award Giving Ceremony. I guessed I didn't have much more quota of declinations, did I ?  

I always think that the nervous feeling when appearing in front of public didn't really bother bosses who are so accustomed in giving speech to the large number of audiences. Being dulang girl who was quite close to them, I found that the idea is slightly wrong. One of the bosses who delivered the award was literally shaking while announcing the winner! Hmm hmmm..Well boss, we are the same, regardless our positions.

So, the core event of the whole workshop was best practice presentations. And this was one of my colleagues representing my OPU with our best practice.

Aini : Presenter of  our best practice paper
Azim : for another paper from our OPU

Zunidi & KY :The most helpful fellas that I  learnt from on how to WORK

Shahrul & Mun: Emcees  were busy scribbling the scripts

team building activity was also included in the event on the second day. We were instructed to construct a tower multi column by using straw, satay steak, and plasticine. We were blank initially, the starting pace was very slow. It felt like impossible to build such thing using the given items. Little by little, after a few try and error attempts, we got the momentum and the rest was about teamwork to make it a stable tower.  And we made it, successfully! Yeee ha!

Try and error attempts , felt  soo impossible, initially!

Better shift the tower onto the floor before any of us fell from chair

Another highlight of the event was PMMS Focal Person Appreciation Ceremony. And I was one of them, walking up to the stage to receive the certificate, delightfully.

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Ju Zie said...

Memories well captured and preserved!

Imran nyambek said...


ijam ismail said...


mrs redzuan said...

tak merasa i naik stage this year...zaman dah berlalu...kihkih

Hazari. said...

seeing at the profile photo at the sidebar, i thought you're a doctor. hehh..

Juli said...

KY : kalo sudi jom naik lagi tahun depan!*wink*

hazari: hahahaha..that`s flattering to know it.but hey, i was not biology-friendly to be a doctor..tht pic was snapped in Hongkong during H1N1 outbreak.

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