Tuesday, January 25

Chong Wei won Malaysian Open 2011 while I was dying to see Lin Dan

I have once written an entry about how upset I was when Dato' Lee Chong Wei (LCW) was defeated by Lin Dan during last Thomas Cup. Well as a Malaysian, we ought to be disappointed when our team has lost on our quest to win Thomas Cup.

On the other hand, no matter how arrogance that people brand him, I gotta admit that I'm a fan of that Lin Dan. I think the arrogance persona that he always takes off on the court that makes him attractive in a context of a sportsman, apart from his incredible skills. 

So one sweet evening, Ju. Z told me that LCW will meet Lin Dan during semi-final clash for Malaysian Open 2011 tournament. I was like 'really??' and all I knew a few minutes later, the ticket was already booked for me. Deal is sealed!

While I was having a pleasant Friday waiting for the day that I would see Lin Dan in flesh on Saturday, I was texted by KakZai, just to know that he has withdrawn from the tournament as early as quarter-final. I mean, seriously? Ahh... but then the money was drained,and  I was already in KL spending my weekend for this berpoya-poya purpose, so there was no turning back.

 Proton was the biggest sponsor for the tournament. So there were a number of latest versions of Proton  cars exhibited in front of the entrance.

New car, anyone?

You wanna know which court Chong Wei will play? Lemme show you

The first match we watched was Taufik Hidayat - Simon Santoso clash.  My eyes were wild looking for Lin Dan, if only I was lucky enough to see him watching his team playing. Too bad, only Chen Jin was caught in sight. Nevertheless, he was too far that my camera could not capture his face sharply. But hey, I am not a fan to all China players after all. Hihih

Taufik Hidayat in action
The effort to get a seat with better view was a struggle indeed. I bet it will be lot worse if only Lin Dan was playing that evening. I managed to get a spot only at the staircase, for the sake of getting the best view. Some audiences were hmmm.. a lil bit annoying when they simply blocked our view with their big head without considering us at the back. What an anticlimax!

It was almost 3 hours cramped in the crowd, finally it was time to LCW- Chen Long clash. Whoa...both players were making such an entrance, unlike the players for previous matches. It was exciting to be there, felt the thrill to see the superstar players showed up before our eyes, almost 5 minutes after all the judges and linesmen took their seat. All of us were standing up and cheering upon seeing the LCW. And to make it more exciting, Datok Misbun was following behind him.

It was very exhilarating atmosphere, we applaud and cheered every now and then. And the best part of being the audiences was the wave formation by all sporting audiences around the stadium. Whooooaa... I love it! 

And as expected, LCW won the match, subsequently the final of Malaysian Open.  Despite the slight disappointment for the absence of Lin Dan, I enjoyed the entire evening to the fullest. Big Congrats to you Datok!!

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Hazari. said...

let's hoping that the same thing will happen in the Korea ~ Dato. LCW ftw ~

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