Monday, December 20

4 nights in 4 Indian Hotels

So far, this is the most lodgings I stayed throughout a single trip. Upon arrival to New Delhi, we checked in Hotel Delhi City Center. Listening to the sound of the hotel name , I had quite a high expectation before reaching there. So, this was how the hotel  when we reached into the room. Nothing fancy stuff that you can expect from the stay. After flip through channels from the  flat screen telly, we have no choice other than staring at Hindi show. No choice! Well, Zaira and I didn`t bother about the sound from the telly, for we were tired enough to stay awake longer after we had our shower.


The next day, while waiting for the rest of travel mates to be ready for leaving to Agra, we wandered around hotel area. U-oh..Just to find out that  the dogs were lying so close to the hotel entrance. And gross part was, the smell of pees were strong around us. However, we managed to take some snapshots, and this is Zaira in front of hotel area which is near narrow dirty street. Not a good sight..

In Agra, we stopped by at Goverdan Motel, after visited Taj Mahal. Well, there were not so many options  of hotels to stay.So we have to bear the freaking cold air-condition, and the lacking of hot water in the morning shower. If it`s in Malaysia whether, it doesn`t matter to have morning shower with the absence of water heater facility, but not in this country in December!! Felt like freezing I tell you!

As if they realized the inadequacy of their facility, the son of the motel`s owner was trying very hard to please us to serve our requirement, and it was even apparent while we had our dinner buffet when he frequently  applogized to us. Or was he just covering his arse for the sake of his father`s business? heheh

And the third lodging was the worse, errr worstttt ever. The ambient of the room felt, I repeat , it was felt, sooooo unclean. My depression level suddenly raised that I can`t barely sit down on the bed. It was stained everywhere, and the water also has one-kind smell. The look of the henna stained towel so not appealing for us to have the shower. As the result, we just had P. Ramlee version of shower. Lap sana lap sini, Ok done ! Oh, this is City Hotel,New Delhi. Lesson learnt : be prepared with own skimpy towel when travelling!

Ok Ju darling, so much of a useful tip! =p

Initially, we planned to have two night stay at the similar hotel. But then, the facilities were so poor even though the staff were very humble to attend our requirement, I learnt that there is a strong need for us to get a comfy accommodation for  us to  recharge before resuming the trip.
After a quick survey, we managed to get to this Pearl Hotel. Waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy comfortable for the remaining last night sleep in New Delhi. I bet if we continued staying in the same City Hotel, I might not enjoy half of the trip plus there will no big damage to my pocket money. Haha! Anyway, I enjoyed every single moment in India.

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Ju Zie said...

Tdo keras tak gerak2 in case terhidu bnd jijis, haha!

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