Thursday, December 16

Indian delicacies

The night before travelling to KL, I weighed myself on the scale, only to found out that my weight has rocketted to 5KG increment!!I was not sure whether it has something to do with the scale, or my eyesight, or it was my body which has been dumped with all sort of fats from my plateful daily  breakfasts and lunches. So, I resolved that I will cut down my meals intakes from the moment on and even told Zaira that I will join on her diet mission when we reach India.

Heck I was wrong to be that all strong to resist the temptation of Indian cuisines when we was there. The night we reached New Delhi,Sunita, our trip lead together with her family brought us to nearby restaurant to enjoy first meals fresh from Indian oven, chicken Nasi Beriyani,cost 290 rupees each plate. The plate was big for my dinner plate, and the meal was as much as the plate could cater. Whoa! The spices in the meal was well blended,that I almost cleared the plate, and the diet resolution was just history. Hihih.

Chicken Briyanni
Before leaving Agra, we had our lunch in garden at a nearby restaurant to stuff our stomach for the next 6 hours trip.

Lunch in the garden
The unique part of their culture when serving customer is that, the food will be cooked only when the orders were made to preserve its freshness. Plus, the waiters were kept wandering around us to serve nan and cappati while waiting for ordered meals. As we had our lunch quite late, the endless nan and cappati supply were so much of a rescue! The waiters were so generous until we had to stop them from putting the breads onto our plate with
'nehi bas!'

It was only when we were partially full, the main dishes were served. It was macaroni with parmessan cheese,mixed vegetables, dal and chicken curry.

The rice arrived a bit later, and when it was served on the table, there you go!!! Oh, anyway, this 'ghee rice' was not for me only, it was shared with for pax each table.

Ghee rice
The other restaurant we had our lunch was in New Delhi. After left Qutub Minar, we went around the city to look for the suitable restaurant, and finally arrived at this restaurant to enjoy Chicken Afghan Tandori. Awesome!The taste felt so divine that I even finished all sliced onions. I mean,if it`s in Malaysia, I never bother to eat onion!hihi.

Then we were served with soup, mixed vegetables and last but not least, mutton Briyani. Ok, that was to much for me to finish alone.

All in all, these meals are lot pricier if I wanted to try them in Malaysia. This opportunity to taste their original recipes concludes that, Indian cuisine are irresistable!

p/s : It is 9.30pm and I am starving when writing this entry...Hohoh!

3 responses:

achiq said...

kalau bab makan laju aje ko ya!

WinZie said...

The best briyani ever tasted :D

Ju Zie said...

hmm.. klo ada camera perangkap perisa, surely sgt best!

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