Friday, December 17

Again, I missed the flight!

I think I`ve been cursed!

Well, this has nothing to do with my negligence as previous episodes. I checked in on time, yes a few minutes before counter was closed.  Normally, I left to airport from the meeting at 3.30pm, to catch  flight which is scheduled on 5 pm.

Nevertheless, my meeting this time resumed a bit late after lunch that we were forced to leave the meeting slightly later than usual,about 4pm from KLCC. The traffic was moving very slow that I experienced another version of Malaysian driver with Indian honking attitude, funny indeed!hahah.

I was getting anxious that we will be missing the flight. But, I have my collegues with me. So,there was nothing much to worry, for I won`t be alone if we missed the flight again. At least that was what I thought on the way to the airport. Confidennntttt!...

After checked in,I took some time to go to prayer room, and rushed to the boarding hall .My handphone ran out of battery, so I was not able to tell my colleagues on my whereabouts. I approached the gate less than 10 minutes before 5, only to see that an airplane just took off. There was sudden chill to the spine,

I missed it againnnn....

The staff was shocked upon knowing that there was still passenger left. Listened to their conversation,I learnt that they overlooked the number of boarding passengers, and declared to airplane crew that ALL PASSENGERS HAVE BOARDED .

One of the senior staff brought me to their duty manager to sort it out. I tried to remain my composure followed the staff with absent-minded to the main office. We bumped into another airport staff, asked his colleague what was going on. The staff told me that the announcement was done, and asked me whether I was aware or not of the announcement.I said I did not hear any.  I think he tried to be warm staff when he said
'saya pegi solat pon saya dengar announcement'

and chuckled. Look,I am good in responding to jokes except for that point of time when I snapped him
saya dalam surau, takkan saya pekak kot kalo ada announcement
His face altered and appologized.

So, we went to the office, clarified the incident to the duty manager, and finally I managed to get replacement to Kuala Terengganu about 2hours plus after the the flight to Kerteh departed. Bole long I get to spend the weekend at home.

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Ju Zie said...

must be a very tiring day... sucks to be the airport staff, angry kakak on the loose!

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