Saturday, December 4

Ascott, the more visits, the poorer the service?

I preferred to stay at Ascott Hotel for the last two or three business trips due to the location is only walking distance away from meeting venue. The hotel provides apartment residential area, which was not many hotel service as such located around KLCC. It might sound too big for me to stay alone there, but is the fact that I enjoy having space around, the bigger the better.
Meeting on the first day was full with heavy discussion, thus, I opted to stay at room during the night, saved any possible dates with friends for the following days. So, what issit for dinner? I dropped by at Thai restaurant downstairs and this is the meal!
Kuetiaw goreng with seafood gravy. Awesome!

I might want to share the elegant design room of Ascott here, which I used to stay. However, upon stepping into the apartment, there is something about the room, a lots of things actually, that I spotted was lacking and it was much less than I expected as compared to the previous stays.

The room felt like older version of Ascott, it was too simple , with big fat rotatable CRT telly(thank God the channels available not much upsetting) with worn-out sofa. And the bed was freaking stiff and getting myself lazy at the bed was the last thing I wanted to do throughout the stay.
Nevermind, since this is what I have in hand right now, these are some snapshots of the apartment.

Big Fat TV,ok, no big deal!

Kitchenette, fully-furnished

Diner Table,for two!! not for a family!

Internet was provided,with wi-fi? Just forget it!

It was on the second day that I found that drops of water dripped from the ceiling. The floor got wet, I was glad my footwear did not affected. I reported to guest room, before left to meeting. So, everything looked like fixed up well when I got back to the apartment in the evening. Just to find out that the water dripped again  a few hours later. And, I couldn`t care less anymore.

Only after third day of stay, I was provided the toiletries amenities which I have got during previous stay. On the third day?? I dont mind if I dont get them served at all, man! Haiyoyo..
Overall, the stay was OK, yet getting unpleasant by the time to check out.

Not enough pictures?? Simply click here

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