Sunday, December 26

Crying Terengganu in December

So, we have entered  December which means that we, the residents of east coast regions are subjected to monsoon attack in no time. I was born in Terengganu, and the idea of 'umah naik air' is nothing strange to me. Every year ,my hometown experience heavy rainy days as early as middle of November.

And last year remarked another memorable experiences when some parts of my hometown was hit by flood including my home. It was just minor flood anyway. And  my younger siblings could not contain themselves upon seeing the flood scene, thus rushed into the heavily rainfall, things I used to do when I was kid.Hihihi.

excited kiddos

my baby brother was too little to be allowed to join his sisters

Ok, that was last year. For this year, things turned out quite differently when the heavy rainfall hit Kerteh, my working place. It only took almost 8hours, our working hours to be specific to cause massive flood around Kerteh area. I have no idea how worst things turned out of the non-stop raining until some of concerned colleagues sent out the pictures at area of Kemasik, Kerteh which was severely affected by the flash flood. These are some of the pictures shared.

This is a snapshot when I was driving back  from office. It was nerve-wrecking moments  to drive through the flood that I was afraid my car would break down in the middle of the road. The rain stopped a few hours after five. And the next day, everything went well as if the flood never occured on the road.

ok, my wiper need a change

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