Sunday, December 5

Lousy services of an IT consultant headquarter!

I don't need to indicate of which consultant company that I`m gonna share a story here. Suffice to say, this consultant has been the sole IT service provider to a multinational company, my employer so-to-speak.
Due to high traffic of meetings in all common venues we had, the only available meeting room for us was there, the consultant headquarter. So, I walked into the tower for the first time. I wrote my particulars on a thick log-book, no visitor pass given, fine..
Somehow, like other meeting venues we went, we expected the meeting room will be provided with internet.It turned out the room has nothing for internet connection, be it LAN plugging, let alone wi-fi! To make it worse, our meeting was delayed for almost an hour due to absence of internet. The projector was not even provided in the meeting room. Hello!!! Am I sitting in a giant general manager`s room or what? A projector should be permanently installed in the very meeting room, not expecting visitors to come and carry it into a meeting room of an (again) IT consultant HQ!

this pic was snapped at the border of two meeting rooms
Going to the ladies is one thing. If you enter the toilet without bringing a SPECIAL POOL TOILET  pass with you, then you`ll be stuck in there and missed out the major agenda of the meeting until the next person come to your rescue.I mean , seriously?? Plus side, the toilet is as modern as the ones we used in national sky scrapper towers, and yet, more convenient. Yes, I mean it.=)

poor lighting in sophisticated interior

The small room was so crowded with chairs, the dim lighting of the room, I can`t help from feeling suffocated throughout the day. And there were a few stand fans at each corner of the room, my goodness, is there any possibility that the aircond will run out of power at any time along 8-5? And the fans were there as stand-by ventilation?? hahah!

neighbouring towers
When the meeting was over, I felt there was a strong need for me to get much fresher air from outside, seeing much bigger space to my suffocating mind.And I decided to take a stroll with a friend at Suria KLCC. Somehow, seeing people with thousand of scene helps a lots at this point of time for me to unwind. We strolled and strolled and suddenly stopped at the sight of an array of stunning shoes and heels.  Hihi..All stressful thoughts were automatically deactivated at cashier table. How cool is that.And this is the catch of this trip.My next shoe to work.

catch of the trip, yippi!

2 responses:

achiq said...

dok sabor nok nengok kasut baru orng..
minggu depan lah kot....

Ju Zie said...

stok nih yg sepak kawan tembus betis, hehe!

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