Tuesday, December 14

Incredible India!

It was somewhere in December 2008, that I visited China,the world largest population country. And it barely occured to me that after almost 2 years,now I stand a chance to explore the ancient heritages in world second largest population country, India!

I just couldn`t be more grateful to get this chance. There are so much things I want to write down here about interesting facts I discovered about this country. But for this particular entry, I opt to describe the reality check of what they brand themselves as 'Incredibe India' via our visits to their famous attractions. And trust me, the following entries will be all about India, India, India like an India love-sick!Hahah..

The trip was planned for 5 days and 4 nights. It took over 5 hours to get there. There are 2.5 hours of time difference between both countries.Oh!! Speaking of which, there is a story about it during my trip to Bangkok back in May 2009. It happened when we unconciously miscalculated the local time before leaving to airport, and  the result was,we have missed the flight to Kuala Lumpur! It was a hell of nerve-breaking moments,that we still stucked in traffic jam when check-in time was about to due. And the price we have to pay for the negligence, another over-price air ticket to KL.Huwaa!!Again, that was another hard lesson learnt to remember for the following trips, including this very  trip. OK, enough with the side track.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by massive airport of New Delhi.Well, not bad,I thought.
Perhaps I was lacking in embracing myself with adequate knowledge about the country, so my expectation was getting higher to see the a beautiful New Delhi city as soon as we passed the immigrations counter. Walking to the outside of the airport, stroke by the chill air, I inhaled the fresh air, errr hang on,... this smells smoke! And I gradually realized that the air was dusty, not fresh at all!Haiyoyo! We left the airport with 3 cabs,and not without a drama before we arrived to the hotel safely. What was the story? That will be elaborated in other entries,Okeeii..

A numbers of historical attractions have been listed upfront in our itenarary for the trip.Excited I tell you! The first attractions of course was the highlight of incredible India, no other than Taj Mahal, Agra. It took us 6 hours to travel from New Delhi to Agra. The entrance fee costs 750 rupees,the highest amongst other entrance fees we visited. Of course la!Hot spot meh!

Oh, this is the entrance, not the Taj Mahal yea!=)

I was mesmerized with the sight of the monument. Complete another my 7 wonders checklist.Yabedabeduuu!! After centuries standing there, Taj Mahal which mostly was built with white marble ,before my eyes is seemingly never get run down.

And to get inside the monument, we were given red wrapper to cover our shoes in order to preserve the hygiene of the floor, (i believe).

Interesting part about the monument is that, there are no ray of light used inside out the building.

If China has Forbidden City, their ancient emperor palace that they are proud of, well India has their own version of Forbidden City which is Fatehpuh Sikri. It situated about 1 hours driving from Agra with entrance fee of 250 rupees onleyyyy.

Fatehpuh Sikri

We  went to Qutub Minar . Another ancient monuments with stunning architectures. Another hours spent to appreciate every inch of the structures, while other travel team mates were starving to wait us finished with picture takings. We were so overwhelmed on the magnificent monuments that we barely bother our screaming stomach.

Qutub Minar

We also went to Lotus Building .Ok, that is not literally the name of the building, it is Bahai House of worship for its believers. Splendid building inspired from a lotus flower, seemingly an Indian version of Sydney Opera house!

Bahai House

the sight of this well-trimmed tree made me crave for ice-cream!!

We went to one of oldest or biggest mosque of Asia, haiyo I cannot remember which is which. It is a mosque by name, but open space of the praying hall was polluted with pegion`s discharges and it was everywhere!

ancient mosque with ancient broom. hihi

hit by the jackpot, sorry for you, hun!haha
Another dissapointing scenario about the local muslim practice here is that the tourists, muslim or not were encouraged to make a wish at an ancient tomb which resides in the mosque.

Poor sight indeed!
Shoppingwise, yes...that was surely never missed out from the itenarary. I planned to joined Zaira for her sari-hunting. Initially, I was not that interested to get one for me. Nevertheless, it turned out catastrophic to my pocket money, as soon as I saw the stacks of colourful sari  and punjabi cloths! I ended up the bargain with piece of punjabi suit fabrics for myself and printed sari for Mother. Oh.. Mother was so excited that the bright smile of hers never left her face when I handed it to her.

On the last day we were on free and easy,and that was the chance to wander around New Delhi city center. Going in and out street-brand store here, I went frantic to see the price offered here were much cheaper as compared with ones in Malaysia. Thus, I settled with not one, not two but four tops from Levis and Allen Solly. Hihihi!! Plus, we grabbed the chance to take a ride on tuk-tuki on the way back to hotel!

Overall, the trip was soooo much funnnn!!, Na-ah, minus some miserable hotels we stayed.

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WinZie said...

will never forget the sight of you and kak zaira went nuts at the abg hensem sari cloths shop. haha

mrs redzuan said...

sonoknya berjalan2..tq 4 d magnet yea!
p/s - cantek blog u ni! berpinar2 mata i duk mencari template yg menarik jugak, kes tertawan ngan blog u nyer pasal lah! ehehehe...

Julesness said...

awin: that sight of us, u never see everyday.hahah
KY : cari la u, lagi cantekkan blog itu

Ju Zie said...

dem... bird shit on my head pix... so catastrophic!!! ahaks!

` Yi Han said...

India looks kinda fun! :D

ken said...

india would be in the to-visit list.. but not anytime soon.. haha :)

Julesness said...

yes, very fun to get closer to ancient heritage indeed!

indianist said...

wow! Nice place in India,Is there any other tourist attractions in Indian, pls give some detail how long will it take to visit all places in India

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