Monday, November 15

piece of thoughts from Paghisss

Some people dream to travel around the globe before their retiring ages.Some manage to realize them, be it vacation with family or friends or even  for  business trips. I have experienced a series of trips inside out Malaysia in these years, which will be interesting to share them in upcoming entry. It was irony because knowing old me,travelling was not my uttermost priority back then. Yes, travelling needs bunch of cash, a stretch of annual leaves and well-planned itenarary if you want to get the best out of the money you have spent. But I have learnt that, once I started to drain my penny for my first travelling to abroad, Beijing, the mindset has changed and I gradually got addicted to travelling. Yes! No kidding! The fun,contentment, peaceful winter and  being away from hectic working life, cranky siblings (I missed them while I was away, tho..hihi), felt like me in wonderland!! Well, that was how i felt when i had my first vacay abroad..

Speaking of souvenirs,this is a different feeling when I get it from someone who travelled to the same place as compared if I get it from there by myself. Price is not a question.I have no idea how people around me took it when I give them souvenirs from places I went. Happy, I wish! Oh anyway, it was this morning when I walk to my workstation, tadaaaa!!! Small keychain from Paghisss, errr it`s Paris =).. I was like
"sape baik hati ingt kat aku niiiiii"
I learnt eventually that every lady mate in the office got it, but the small gesture like this, from unknown, enough to make me overwhelming in early morning..hmmm

sape laa yg bagi yerrr...terima kasih atas ingatan ini..=)


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