Friday, April 15

Johan & Zizan- super talented comedians

I just learnt how awesome these comedians, Johan and Zizan have been when I saw them in Raja Lawak 5.

I wasn`t a fan of Johan and Zizan until I saw them in Raja Lawak recently- that was when I was curious seeing my brother laughed like nobody`s business watched the show-alone, and I decided to spare some time watched them. They are so hilarious that I could watch Raja Lawak throughout the show only to see them in action-not the participants.=)
And when youtubing their previous shows, I found this awesome sketches by them, and personally being local Terengganu, I can`t help from burst out laughing seeing them.

It was so funny that I wouldn`t bother to watch it repetitively.

 And another video of them, I love the last part of this video. Mmg takleh blah! hahah

P/s : I heard that Zizan is from Dungun! Am I having another celebrity neighbour around my home apart from Jijo? Hmm hmm

2 responses:

faraa halim said...

owh zizan, i love u hehe

Achiq said...

kata orang `tak kenal maka tak cinta'..

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