Thursday, April 21

Rio`s night out

When Wednesday approaches, it means movie night is around the corner! Seeing the list of movies showing at TGV Mesra Mall, there were not many choices of exciting movies that we have yet to watch. As a result, me and bestie decided to watch the last show of the day, Rio-3D together with Ezam, Amoi , Ifa, just-married couple, Shah and wife, Cahaya. *wink*

It is a story of a blue macaw parrot, Blu which is accustomed by human way of life to the extent that he didn`t know how to fly. It is getting exciting when he was brought to Brazil to meet an independent and wild female of its own species in Brazil, Jewel for mating.

The adventure starts when they both suddenly were kidnapped by smugglers, and watching their attempts to escape are really hilarious. The cutest and funniest part is when he tried to express his interest to Jewel.

While waiting for the show to start, we had a light dinner at Secret Recipe.

Iced chocolate was left half by the time the cake arrived

Raspberry Yogurt Cheesecake -yum!

3 responses:

Ju Zie said...

Bebs.. Nxt week another round!!

Anonymous said...

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Juli said...

i is putsal next wed. u mau tonton lagi ka citer sama? hihiih

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