Monday, April 18

It`s good to give people benefit of the doubt, but..!

It was sunny afternoon, we were on free and easy tour around Brisbane city.  Initially we were quite ambitious to explore a few spots around the city before 5pm. The daylight was shorter in Brisbane, therefore we decided to perform the prayer before continue strolling around the city.  There were Arabic students seen around, thus we were positive that we could find the prayer room nearby.
We were quite sceptical to ask about the location of Muslim mosque to the pierced man who was serving alcoholic drinks in a restaurant. But we gave him the benefit of the doubt and let Nabil did the talking. Surprisingly, he mapped us the direction to the mosque.


He told that the mosque was at Vulture St, a few walks away and it was a green building, which made us became enthusiastic to keep going- in the sunny hot day.

We reached the Vulture Street and walked until the end of the street, but there was no sign of mosque around. Little that we aware that we have walked more than 3km from the city centre where even bus was hardly could be seen. With the remaining energy left, we walked further, and all we could spot was a green cathedral- a big one. Crap! All cursing words were playing in my mind and it was about time to let it out.

We returned to the city centre, and until we saw Southbank Institute of Technology. We looked for Student Service Centre, and there! 

The prayer room was located in the campus area which is only a few walks away from the restaurant we went earlier. 

Lesson learnt : If you are looking for help, get it from the right person.


3 responses:

Yan said...

org kaki kuat lagi boleh lah.. kalau akak, mau solat kat situ gak..hee.

Juli said...

kalo ikutkan penat mmg nk solat kat situ, tapi agk hesitate lantas patah balik carik kat bandar.heheh

Ju Zie said...

rasa nk tercabut urat kaki!!

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