Saturday, April 23

My baby brother and his writing lesson

One day, my baby brother, Zhaffri told Mother that he refused to go to kindergarten because he couldn’t write ABC. But Mother persuaded him that his sister, Ika was also likewise when she was 5.  That was what Mother told me when I was at home on a weekend.

So, I took a used book and a pencil and handed them to him. What I did was, I made dotted line of A until Z, then asked him to connect the dots. Along the process, I thought he will lose his attention quickly when our cousin came to our house and called him to play. I was wrong, he still insisted me to complete the writing from A until Z , from 1until 10.

When he saw me holding my camera, he asked me to capture him with his 'artwork'.

While he was writing- err.. connecting the dots, he asked me 
‘masa Kak Jue kecik, sapa ajar Kak Jue nulis?’
         (when you was little, who taught you writing?)

Mother and I  chuckled upon listening to the question. Well, I only started going to kindergarten when I was 6. And my journey back then was a lot harder, of course, but worth it.

5 responses:

Achiq said...

Wah teruskan usaha murni anda...Boleh buka kelas tuisen utk tadika dah ni....Marissa nk join blh?

Juli said...

hahahaa. sometimes bdk2 ni terpanggil sya 'cikgu' gk.

marissa nk join, marey2.. suka ngak aa eri ada kawan, puang plok tu..hiihih. sembang aje.

MammaSun said...

Baik nyer kak jue

miss nina said...

that's good.
bukan senang nak persuade budak2 tau :)

Ju Zie said...

so cute the zulkarnain junior!!! mst bsr pandai mcm kakak dia! *cubit pipi eri smp bengkak*

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