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Taxi drivers and their entertaining skills

When I went to KL for business trips which frequently by Firefly, there were a few occasions that I need to take a cab to transfer to and from Subang Airport. Under certain circumstances, I have a preference to ride with a quiet driver. But, surely I could not dictate with the taxi coordinator which taxi I would want to ride. I didn't have much problem with quiet driver, as long as he didn't turn classical radio on. hihi

But I was not that lucky all time. I have encountered quite a number of taxi drivers with behaviours that I could never forget until the moment I write this. Mind you, this is not reflecting all taxi drivers out there. Just a little experiences with those eccentric drivers. 


My colleague and I took a ride together using a cab. So there was only one receipt given to us. For claiming purpose, one of us needed an additional receipt for enclosure. 

Me : Encik, bole mitak resit extra?
Driver: Bole, tapi saya kena caj la. Korng kan nk claim nnt lagi byk kan?

My colleague and I looked at each other, annoyed. I mean, no matter how much our claim would be, surely that is not your business, is it? Soon after that, we found ourselves in Fast and Furious shooting, for he drove like mad, that we felt like we might crash in accident at anytime.


There was one time when I wanted to take a ride to Subang Airport. I text a taxi driver to pick us up to the airport. No answer. Fine. After a while of waiting, I called him. He told me that he was already at Jalan Ampang, like 500m away from the Twin Tower's main entrance. And to my utter surprise, he asked me to walk to his cab, for he didn't know how to go to Twin Tower from his location. I mean, seriously?

KL taxi driver is supposed to know every inch of streets in KL especially in KL City Center, isn't it? In the meantime I have no idea why he kept on shouting while talking to me, which gradually rising my temper to stay patient. I called off my request there and then. Like it or not we went off to street to take the passing cab which offered incredulously high rate. 


I was too drained to take an LRT from KL Sentral to KLCC, thus decided to take a cab. The driver turned on Klasik Nasional. Oh no! I felt more exhausted than I was upon listening to the loud radio. Hoho.. I went even crazier when the driver drove at 70km/h  on the clear road when I was so impatient to be at hotel soonest! Aiyooo.. After a while on the road, the driver struck a conversation, the last thing I wanted to do in the cab. Sometimes being probed by silly questions was really getting on my nerve. 

Cab driver : ........ kamu dari Kerteh, tempat gali minyak tuyer?
Me : Ye pakcik
Cab driver: Die gali dalam laut yer, atas darat tak de yer?
Me : Ye pakcik
Cab driver : Macamane die gali tu yer? Die guna ape yer?Ish ish ish
Me: (oh pls shut up pakcikkkk...) ntah la pakcik!

I also encountered with very chatty driver when I took this ride with a colleague. And the interesting part about his chatty behaviour was that he kept on repeating this line in every story he told us. Out of politeness, we `ahh’... and `oohh’.. at every possible pause in his story. When we passed construction site on then-Pudu Jail, he went 

Driver:  derang nk buat apartment atas tapak penjara ni dik, tapi dah lama sangt dah tak siap2 lagi. PAKCIK  TAU LA PAKCIK DAH 20 TAHUN BAWAK TEKSI
Us     : oohhh

When we passed National Palace, his story was this

Driver: Dulu jalan ni jammed teruk, Permaisuri Aishah tu, time org nk balik keje, time tu la die nk kuar shoping. Jadi jammed la jalan ni nk tunggu die kuar. PAKCIK TAU LA PAKCIK DAH 20 TAHUN BAWAK TEKSI
Us : oohhh

Driver: kat KL ni byk peragut ni, adik hati2 bawak handbag tu nnt. PAKCIK TAU LA PAKCIK DAH 20 TAHUN BAWAK TEKSI
Us : Ooohh.. 

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13 responses:

Judiene said...

Hey, what a funny story you got here.
I enjoy being a cab with quite driver too.
I mean we're not in the cab to talk to him or make friends, we just want to get to our destination as soon as possible.

Juli said...

hahaha..glad you get the points.hahah

mrs redzuan said...

i pun byk experience ngan taxi driver ni, menarik la utk diciterkan di blog. nanti rajin2 blh la cilok idea u ni, hehe. btw, sangat ingat lah ngan salah satu scenario di atas!! hahahha...mengong betul pokcik tu! i beli resit dekat kaunter pun x semahal yg dia nak caj tu...haiyoooo..!!

Ju Zie said...

gile kuasa nye pok cik taxi... tamak plk...

k.a.s said...

did u ask his name? xD

Mawar Merah said...

Hahaha. Mcm2 kerenah taxi driver. My experience with taxi driver yg plg xleh nk lupe-hampir jd mangsa rogol dgn pemandu teksi sapu. Mula2 sorg je pemandu. When I agreed to take his cab, he called for " co-driver"-he said. Pelik aku. perlu ke co-driver. Ke nak jamah aku kongsi2. Oh tidak!! Ngeri wo. Cpt2 aku kata xjd naik teksi dia.

Juli said...

KY : tulis jee.. u lagi byk citer kot..hihi

Ju.Z : ntah ape-ape driver!

k.a.s: surely we didn`t ask him..hihih

mawar merah : yer ker?? scary la weiihhh.. lepas ni pon must be extra careful la lagii

Achiq said...

Sya lagi best, bukan taxi driver yg tipu aku, aku tipu taxi driver tu.. hahaha.. jahat budak jahat..

Piah Becok said...

hahahhaaha.. that was fun yet annoying. annoying on ur behalf. masa duduk kl last year there's one taxi driver ajak jadi dia punya mistress. siap nak bayar ribu-ribu kalau setuju. takpe la mak tak rela

Juli said...

Kak zai: Camane u yg pedajalkan taxi driver tu kakzaiii.. mmg kelas nokss!

Piah:nk bayar beribu2?? ambitious jugak drebar tu..hihihi

Hazari. said...

haha. first, that pakcik is really good in taking such advantage. haha. the third, well, maybe he saw you so tired, and so, he tried to make you feel more cheer and relax, so he tried to make out a conversation with you. hahhaa. fourth is the best, hahaha, i used to stuck in that kind of situation, and it such a nightmare.

heh, ter-panjang, sori sori ~~

Juli said...

apparently we were not really good at giving advantage to those kinda freak.hihihi

you might be right about that pakcik, but but but..those questions make me even sicker..hahah

panjang ker? doesnt matter lah, it shows ur passion in writing just wherever possible..hhahaha=)

Hazari. said...

haha, one thing that those pakcik really good while on the road is, being a road bully.

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