Monday, February 14

Day trip to Rantau Panjang

I had a long stretch of holidays during recent CNY break. Initially, I planned just to stay at home, have a good rest and quality time with family. But, it turned out slightly different when my brother who lives in Kota Bharu invited me to go to Kota Bharu to attend his friend’s engagement reception.

The last visit I made- a proper one was 4 years back, a trip for Wastewater Engineering course.  Thus, the idea sounded right at the right time. Plus, I was thinking about stretching the visit to another duty free shopping spot, Rantau Panjang.

Initially I planned to take some tours around KB before going off to Rantau Panjang. But boy, I was wrong. The trip wasn’t as short as I thought. We arrived in KB in the afternoon, and stuck with traffic jam almost the entire trip. Thus, we popped up just a while at the reception and shot off to Rantau Panjang.

Time was the main constraint; I have to forget my plan and just enjoyed the sight of KB town from inside the car...huhuhu..The first and the last time I enjoyed HPA Fried Chicken- imitation of KFC foods was when I went to Gurun, Kedah two years back. Now, it has expanded to KB! Nice.. Anyway, I am KFC-freak since forever. I guess this KFC clone didn’t taste as good as original KFC, tho..hihih.

Stand-alone KFC, awesome!

When we were still wandering around KB town, I asked my brother to stop by at a few spots. Perhaps he has grown accustomed with the environment, and felt that nothing special about the places that I wanted to visit. Thus he laughed at me when I asked him to stop by every now and then for picture-taking. Cett!!

My Cik Cindi Crawford met its twins on the road!

So we arrived at Rantau Panjang, after almost 3 hours from Kota Bharu battled with traffic jam throughout the trip. Thankfully, my brother was the driver because if it was me, then most probably we would arrive at Rantau Panjang at night when all the shops were already closed.


They say, Rantau Panjang is the best place to buy stuff at the best bargain price. Apparently, the bargain process was really a tough deal during this festive season. Every shop was crammed with visitors like feeding frenzy. And surely bargaining the price was the toughest deal to do at that point of time. My brother said, they will be more lenient to customers who speak in Kelantanese dialect. Thus,  I left my brother to do the talking to negotiate the price, hahah, no success anyway.

I didn’t really mind about it after all. I have planned what stuff that I wanted to grab from this shopping spree beforehand. And eventually,  I found them at the best price possible. So did Mother. Hence, I was more than happy for the stuff we bought after super exhausting trip, despite the fact that I have to skip the visit to KB`s attractions. There will be next time, I guess.

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7 responses:

Hazari. said...

eh, tuh RFC and KFC near Kuang Kerian.. just about Hospital USM. eh that is just about 4 km near my place. wahhahahaa.

anyway, shopping in rantau panjang really need someone that able to speak fluently in kelantan. the price would be very differ.

mrs redzuan said...

The first and the last time we enjoyed RFC was not in Gurun la mek, but in Sg Petani, hehe. I'm going to KB also next month for 'rombongan pengantin' and plan to go to Rantau Panjang jugerr. Shoppinggg!! tp tadok pitis la...dengg!!

Juli said...

hazari: really?? that`s pretty close.
speak fluent or not seemed not really helpful in the crowd

KY: Sg Petani ek, long term memory lost..hihi.
Soping jer kalo dah pegi tuu, duit abes belakng kire.hahah

~ diyana nordin ~ said...

sonok nyer jln2 n shoppg2 ;)

hazari. said...

ohhh. i went there about months ago. my mum bought some glasswares. haha. she rlly enjoys shopping there.

Juraidah Hashim said...

memang tak berhasil pon...dulu mak mertua aku soh aku kecek sket..haram berterabur kantoi laa...hahhah..siot diorg xnk bg murah

Anonymous said...

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