Wednesday, February 9

MLM- Tons of info to listen, but not to trust

It was one sunny afternoon, a young man came to my house looking for my mother to sell a water filter. Until later when Mother didn't successfully convince the man that she was not interested with the product, Mother woke me up from my brief nap to deal with them.

Before anything, the man asked me to sit back to listen his lengthy explanation on how to use the water filter. Mind you, I've been reading many revelations about MLM from AididLeaks beforehand. This made me getting more suspicious about this unwelcomed guest to my house.

When I saw him with a box of water filter, a laptop bag which comprised of thick, worn-out file, I had a feeling that this man had something to do with MLM thingy. But who on earth would want to admit it, wouldn't' he? So I opted to play the game for a while. The conversations went on, twisted at the end. These are his MLM points that he laid down to me;

1) The product is Swiss techno, I made a research just to find out that the product is originated from Singapore
2) His visit was made due to the directive from KHDN to give away the water filters to a number of selected households
3) The product was used by (if I was not mistaken), almost 4000 users in this state
4) 150 household would be given the water filter, and so far 75 households have been identified. Nicely 150 by 2. Fair and square!
5) The company has huge expertise in water, just anything about water!
6) The salesman himself studied in water course bla bla in university. I did take the course back in uni, and I was about to ask him of what course he was actually taking. Nevertheless, I reserved the question to convince him that he was talking to a dumb potential customer.
7) The product was testified by established universities including Harvard, I tell you! At this point, he asked me what was my education level, I acted dumb, saying I only have SPM, just wanted to see to what extent he would continue with more lies to me
8) The water filter is smaller version of factory version water filter which could process salt water to drinkable water. Crappy!
9) The water filter brand is the same entity as Amway, and other water filter brands.

Just the right time when I pinpointed to him that if it was like Amway,then the product he sold was only another brand of MLM products. But hey, he wouldn't want to admit it of course! He denied that he was an MLM practitioner on this brainless explanation

' ini bukan MLM kak, kite jual satu barang jer..water filter jer. So single market. Kalo Amway tu yg kerajaan haram tu, derang jual byk barng, tu yg MLM tu'
Ohoo... I guess he didn't really make a good homework before going off cheating housewives over here.
It was over 15 minutes when I was getting more annoyed with his elaborated lies. I have to make some white lies to cut it short, telling him I have used one and broke, unrepairable, now I wasn't interested with it anymore. I bought the water filter at cost of RM500. (I told him the cost because I believed the filter in front of me will cost much higher)

Guess what. This was what he said
'oooo.. RM500 yer kak? Yg ni harga die RM 3000.'
There you go! Initially he told me that was not for sale, then at the end of the selling presentation, the intention was well shown in front of me.

He still insisted to continue influencing me when he asked me whether I wanted to test the quality of tap water at my home.

My response was simple

" tak payah, syarikat air Terengganu dah bagi air bersih, tak payah nk test2 dah"

I'm telling you, this kind of people, they won't back off so easily even though we have told them million times that we didn't want their products.Thus, this was what I said to him , that I saw he was taken aback with my bluntness.

'OK2.. saya tak nak mende filter ni, awak tak payah citer pjg2 lagi sebab saya pon nk kuar jap lagi.. So ada ape2 lagi? Ke awak nak air? '
I guess by offering some drinks to him would be most hospitable way of me to kick him out of my home, very soon!

p/s : 3 hours afterwards, I learnt that he has successfully sold the bloody water filter at cost of over RM 1000 to my aunt, poor them.

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9 responses:

Hazari. said...

eh, this post has come out.

haha, what the hell la that guy. these kind of peeps are so good in talking. although they may seem pointless, but they are very good in persuading others.

anyway, i dunno that Harvard university also could be a place to test a water filter, by any ways.

Juli said...

even if the harvard has the test lab, their filter wasn`t one of the test speciment..huhu

Ju Zie said...

o man... so annoying... org pnah kol aku nk promo bnd, aku kata x nak... dia kata, aik, xckp lg dh xnak... dem!

Miecyber said...

Careful with the MLM or Direct Selling company.Some of the company using Pyramid Scheme as their marketing plan.

Apa itu Skim Cepat Kaya ?

odah + one = odahone said...

i hate MLM & pyramid scheme!!!...jual grg pisang lagi best & mulia...hoho!


Achiq said...

baik pulok hati Juli offer air bagai...
Hati2.. ada kes bila dia minta air terus dia pukau kita...
Oleh itu, marilah kita bela ikan sepat....

Juli said...

Dalam sakit ati tgk muka sengih die dengan semangat kelentong tu, sian jugak tak bagi air segelas ke tetamu tak diundang..huhu..

mrs redzuan said...

bakpe dok citer tek u wat muka ngantuk ke dia...hahaha. Nway, i pun pernah experience menda2 mcm ni, phone call pun ada, malas layan buat je suara mengantuk tapi plg horror "dalam dunia ni puan..tade benda yg free" and u mesti masih igt "saya x nak, saya ckp saya x nak, saya x nak lahhhhh" hahahahha. GILER!!

k.a.s said...

sometimes these ppl they dont have manner especially kat kedai makan.. time tgh suapkan makanan dalam mulut ni diorang datang and advertise product.

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