Monday, December 31

Hotel Thanh Thu, Saigon

I have booked a hotel in Ho Chi Minh way early before departure. Nevertheless, when we were closer to the trip date, one of my colleagues who has visited the city suggested to me the Thanh Thu Hotel.

And fortunately, our decision to change the hotel from the previous booking was worth it! The hotel is located approximately less than 30 minutes drive away from the airport. The premise is surrounded with shops, halal restaurants, 5 minutes walk away from night market site and Benh Market.

When we arrived here,some parts of  the hotel was undergoing the renovation process which somehow has disturbed our good night sleep. Hmmpph..


Anyway, that was only minor issue if compared to the hospitality offered by the staff. The receptionist and other hotel staff were really friendly and ever ready to assist us with relevant info about the streets, main attractions, market and etc.

And the facilities offered in the hotel room is also commendable with the price that we paid. It was very comfortable stay, and most important of all, the location is very strategic for tourist especially who aim to get there for SHOPPING!

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