Tuesday, January 1

A stroll down memory lane of 2012

I woke up  this morning and had a brief conversation with my housemate when she said
Kak Jueee.. Ecah dah makin tuaaa..dah bertambah umor~
I was like aahh yes, it is new year today, but., personally I feel it is just a change in number Seeing in Facebook when a lot of friends updating their 2013 resolution, perhaps it was a rush of adrenaline to them, while I,on the other hand, read them in a glance and responded to the witty status that attracted my attention. I guess there is a state of ones life when hitting new year, even our own birthday is just like another normal day to face. What more important is what we have in our chest in preparation to face the days ahead which are full with so many unexpected challenges.  Well, just a thought.. Oh anyway, my housemate is younger than me by 5 years, how on earth could she feel like getting older while I am the one who are supposed to worry about it in the first place. Haiyoo..

Today is the third day of my BOSET training,a competency training to renew my Offshore Safety Passport.In the middle of the lesson, the trainer taught us on the cardio respiratory, and dragged to the life machine for detecting heart beat which is used in ICU. I don't why and how, the mention of the subject has dragged me to the moments when I saw the very machine  was used to support my late father's life, almost a year ago and my mind started to jog the memories from one to another. Apparently the distraction didn't end there. When I drove back, I felt sad for unknown reason, until I remembered back the lessons and the thought I had earlier in the classroom. Exactly one year back, I sent my brother to register for new school at Kuala Terengganu with my parents. Aboh intended to go along, even though he was too weak to stay in sitting position. He slept on my Mak`s lap throughout one and half hour journey. * hush hush*. And after 2 weeks, Aboh left us for good. May Allah swt bless his soul there. Amin..

While waiting my Aboh outside the ICU hall, I received a text from HR colleague on my next ACD assessment that was scheduled a month ahead, February 2012. Alhamdulillah, with one month preparation, my score has improved better than I expected and way better than the previous year. Insha Allah if is for me, I hope 2013 will mark another achievement for my career progression. 

Our kick off trip for year 2012 was to go to Manila in March. It was fun, despite the limited attractions in the city center. April came,that was the ultimate month of this year. Together with 6 female friends, we went to Mecca together, got to know better each other in the Holy Land. We walked to the Masjidil Haram together, encircled the Kaaba, which more often than not, I was on my own left them or being left by the ladies in the crowd. Indeed, the opportunity to get closer to the Creator- on my birthday- was the most blessful gift I ever received in my whole life.

After battling in making the decision to satisfy both my career and personal obligations, I finally chosed to transfer to the neighbouring department. In August, I received the long awaited letter, an approved transfer letter to the new department with a new position, a construction engineer. It was 180 degree change from my previous position, both in the aspect of working and personal life. Nevertheless, it is a positive change, that helps me to revive my spirit and motivation, despite the fact that I have to go back to square one in certain area.Hu hu.And those are the excuses that I have in my plate for the very little updates in this blog lately.

In November, I joined an expidition to conquer Mount Kinabalu, which I have yet to write in details about the trip. It was such a fulfilling experience  upon reaching the peak of the mountain. Indeed it was beyond any word can describe. One week of suffering the leg ache was just nothing as compared to the satisfaction of having the mission accomplished with a big smile. (But I definitely rushed to the clinic seeking for ubat sakit urat. Of course I can't bear walking like a post natal mom for long. Hahaha) .

And that is all about me in the past one year. Today my little siblings are back to school.Nadia and Fatihah improved their class. I once warned Nadia, that if she remained in the previous class, I will ban her from doing any running this year. It works! Alhamdulillah. Likewise the bookworm,Ika, doing good in her current performance. And my baby brother Zhaffri, registered in standard one this year. A few months back, (and is still reminding Mak nowadays), he requested Mak to buy him Fixie bike if he scores well in his exam. I only rewarded bicycle to his sister after 3 years in school.*pitam* And best thing of all,he just completed his muqaddam lesson and now proceed to Al-Quran recitation. This reminds me of myself when I was at his age.After years working outside Terengganu, now my big brother lives with my family, working here, taking care of the family like Aboh did in his life, and being the runner for Mak.

2012 left with bitter, sweet and terrifying memories, ahh you name it. But the most important of all, buckle up for the days ahead. All I want is to be a better muslimah, and better person to all people around me, that I care and even to those I despise.

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Ju Zie said...

Hopefully 2013 will be awesome!

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