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Cu Chi Tunnel and Mekong River, Ho Chi Minh

11th Oct 012

Besides shopping, Ho Chi Minh city also offers many interesting places to visit. I mean, surely you want the money drained to buy the tickets was worth it, doncha? :)

On the next day in Ho Chi Minh, we hired the local tour service to bring us to the other side of Ho Chi Minh city to visit their famous historical spot, Cu Chi tunnel. I still remember the bewildered face shown by other travelmates upon learning the name of the place, as in

what, go cleaning a tunnel??

The extensive tunnel was used during the Vietnam War for survival, hiding spots, communication and other life supports by Vietnamese guerrillas from the attack of American soldiers.

Being there, we grabbed the opportunity to explore inside the safe part of the tunnel system.

There are several entrances available to enter the tunnel system, and  definitely we explored each of them!

And before leaving the area, all tourists were served with guerrilla's main food,. After a while haven`t had tapioca at home, this treat feels nice!

We left the Cu chi area to have our halal lunch at Shamsudin Restaurant, just a few kilometres away from Cu Chi tunnel.
12th Oct

The next MUST-DO activity in Ho Chi Minh is cruising along the Mekong River. Crusing the quiet river in a narrow boat without the life jacket , I have to admit that it was quite terrifying at first. In the middle of the cruise, we stopped by a few times, to visit the local population where they treated us with local fresh fruits, cultural singing performance by local singer and etc.

This is not cultural performance tho. It was not so  fun to hold a super moist and cold creature like this with my bare hands but once in a lifetime, it was worth it!

                                                                            Oh eiwww!~

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Ju Zie said...

Sedih je rasa zaman peramg kna smunyik dlm tunnel..

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