Wednesday, May 16

The shelters in Tanah Haram

Our  accomodations in Mecca and Medina were arranged by our travel agent. In Mecca, we stayed at Tharwat Al Monsia hotel which is 15 minutes walk away from Masjidil Haram. It is one of the closest lodging to the mosque, since the nearer hotels are being demolished for the mosque expansion.

We chose the room for 4 pax, thus our room was quite packed with beds and cupboard, and yet we felt comfortable throughout the stay, and it was worth our money.

There was television which shows the scenery in Masjidil Haram 24/7, which somehow helped us to expect how big the crowd was around the Kaaba for tawaf when we were about to leave our room to Masjidil Haram.

While in Medina, we stayed in Durrat Al Fayroz Hotel. The hotel exterior is modern and more luxury as compared to the one we stayed in Mecca.

But we missed somehing when we arrived in Medina, that is the warm service by the staff  at Thawrat Al Monsia.
This hotel is located 5 minutes walk away from Masjid Nabawi and nearby shopping spots.

 If I can describe better, the environment in Mecca felt like when we are at Jalan TAR , KL, crowded and dusty, meanwhile being in Medina felt like we are in Putrajaya. Clean, modern and well-planned urbanisation. The cleaning process was not covered in mosque only, but there were also workers with water tanker who clean the road toward the mosque.

                                                             The view from Masjid Nabawi

Nevertheless, the similarity of these city is that, both are Holy Land, and having our foot stepped onto the ground is a blessful gift of a lifetime. :))

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♥readikara♥ said...

One of unforgettable memories in Mecca!! Serious, we were like a very happy family..really miss those days!

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