Saturday, June 23

Fattabiouni-Noble efforts to promote the Sunnah of Prophet (pbuh)

I've been meaning to learn in the depth about the sirah and way of life (sunnah) of Rasulullah s.a.w. For the sirah, I read Wikipedia, the least and laziest way to find the information about the histories of our Prophet (pbuh).

But it was a bit tricky to find the sources about sunnah Rasulullah s.a,w. I tried to find it at the book store but I didnt find any of its liking (Sebenarnyer tak pandai cari..huhu) . So, the intention stopped there.

On the other hand, I have a lazy habit after coming back from office. I would lay on the couch, switching on the telly, flipping through the numerous channels but more often than not, I couldn't stick to one show. Everything seems boring to watch.While the telly is there to produce sounds, I turn on my netbook.

But it was recently, while browsing the internet, I let myself listening to the show at tv Al-Hijrah. If I`m not mistaken there are three quicky shows before the athan of maghrib. All three shows are interesting to watch and to digest and one of them is Fattabiouni.

Every once in a while I glanced at the telly and I couldn't help from noticing the look of its host,Habib Mohammad Al-Saggaf with his radiant face and his smile is always pasted on his face.  Only after watching a few series of the show, I noticed that the show is about to promote sunnah of Rasulullah!! Masya Allah, how close was I to what I`ve been seeking for this while.

This video that I extracted from youtube is one of the show at tv Al-hijrah. Not many of them are available in English or malay translation, for that matter. I like his way in delivering the mesages, with his own way and the enthuatisme is clearly shown on his face. May Allah bless his efforts in reviving the sunnah of prophet (pbuh).

Oh by the way, the background music is soothing, in case you wonder the song, it is by Sami Yusuf- Al Mu' alim.:) .

p/s ; the religious program next to this quickie (I`m not sure the title) is also interesting to watch, not to mention the hunky Arab host , Ahmad Alshugairi :p

5 responses:

rabiatulpaid said...

like it most :)

Ju Zie said...

Ok.. Awal2 baca sgt suci.. Ending meow2.. Haha!

Juli said...

ahhahha..keji sedikit disitu

Green said...

It s called al khawater... the show after

Green said...

It s called al khawater... the show after

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