Saturday, July 13

Perhentian Island,Terengganu

8-9 March 2013

Unlike my previous island trip, this time I chose to follow a group to explore Perhentian Island. So, being one of the participants, my task is just to pay and drive and join the team at jetty.

I have no idea which Perhentian Island that we were heading to until we reached there.'s Perhentian Kecil, the smaller part of the island.

The chalet was a few walks from the seaside. We enjoyed every scenery around us.

There was diving center that provides diving gear rental service. As for our group, looks like none of us possess diving licence. Hence, snorkeling it is!

We have 2-day stay in the island, with the activities of sightseeing, snorkeling, eating for the most part of the trip.

And yes, cam-whoring :P

Towards dawn, we enjoyed the sunset by the beach. Super awesome.

During the night, we had barbeque dinner with at the restaurant. And honestly, the service was really dissatisfying. We waiting more than half an hour and when they served the so-called barbeque dish, some of us complained with the unreasonable quantity as compared to the total of us. Some of us even considered to have another shot of maggi-mee afterwards. Hehehe

Yes, the island was full with mat salih here and there. But unpleasant part of being in the island was to deal with the local people. Double-standard was so apparent to us throughout our stay. And I was one of the vocal participants complaining this and that. Not to blame the organizer tho, but I guess he had his lesson learnt not to extend any invitation for me after the trip. He he.

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