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Hidden Awesome Sceneries at Pantai Kemasik

17th July 2012

After work, usually I spend an hour or so to do some workouts to get some sweat out of the body. Nothing rigorous, though. Well, at least to convince myself that I lead a so-called healthy life. *teehee*

Usually, I go out jogging with Pae around KGRP football field for three rounds or more, alternately with walk, talk and laugh. Ramadhan was just around the corner. Thus, before we idle from any physical exercise during fasting month and not to mention after sick of putting up with the weird glances  from the driver of passing cars (You know, ladies which were seen jogging around Kerteh is a rare scenario), we decided to jog along Pantai Kemasik.

We jogged for about half an hour to reach the end of the shoreline, and to our great amazement, as we were closer to the beach, the scenery is more beautiful! The place is very isolated, and it was hardly to see anyone except for a few fishermen hanging out under the hut. It was a bit scary for us to stay longer, thus we snapped the pics and left.

The day was getting darker, and the dusk sceneries were too breathtaking to waste any snap of pictures!

I have seen the best  pose with sunset when I went to Manila early this year. But after finding out this beautiful sceneries with the sunset, I have a feeling that Pantai Kemasik will be recommendable for wedding outdoor photography someday. *wink*

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