Monday, August 6

Weekend with the BFFs

13-14th July

It felt like ages that I haven`t been to KL since my trip to Umrah. So I decided to go to KL during this weekend for two primary reasons. 

1) Meeting Ju.Z and family who came back from Australia for a brief holiday in KL
2) Getting some new stuff for my so called shopping raya. *ka-ching!*

As always, it was never been a straight-forward visit when it comes to meeting this couple in Ampang, for I was brought to Ezam's family home, having some meals, which no less like jalan-jalan beraya. Hihihi. Only when it was almost midnight, we reached Ju Z's home, having some conversations with her family and followed with again -(slrrpp) makan! :)

On the next day, it happened that PC fair has just started at Convec.While the couple did the shopping, I, on the other hand, enjoying our-time to babysit the lil boy, Kimi. *uninterested with those gadget thingy.*

                                            apparently he found  everything in his hands is edible. Haishh~

We had a stroll together around KLCC park while waiting for Ezam who was still inside dealing for a new Samsung SII. *winks*


And afterwards, we proceed to Pavilion,my shopping-craze spot! Zara blouse, pairs of Charles & Keith footwears, M.A.C stuff were just enough.Nothing much. Mission accomplished! :))))

On Saturday, Ezam and family were holding a majlis to welcome their new in-law sister. Zaira and I went together, and ah-ha with her new ride~ VW!

And surely we won't let the chances to pose with red hot volkswagen slipped as simple as that,no?
And that`s how we fulfilled our weekend together. Meeting and catching up!!

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Ju Zie said...

Suke memori nih... VW merah paling jakuns! Hope to see you sooooon!!

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