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PIE Teambuilding 2012 at Bukit Keluang Resort, Besut

4-6th October 2012

I just joined my new department, PIE  in July 2012, and it happened that PIE Teambuilding 2012 was planned to be held in October.  Well, I was having a hard time to actually get myself agree to join the event. A few attempts were made with excuses to boss but he was too wise to buy in my tricks. Hehehe. I found no way out but to join the 3-day retreat at Bukit Keluang Resort, Besut.

Before we left to Besut, our group were brought to visit the PDK Kemasik, an educational center for disable kids which is a bit isolated from main road. I never knew the existance of this welfare activity center until we were brought here. And of course we didn't come here for nothing, but for lending hand in Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) activity which is part of the agenda in the team building too.

Some of us cleaned the kitchen, the living room which were quite dusty. The kids were also present during this session. Some of our group were divided to entertain them with games and other fun activities. I, as always preferred to do cleaning tasks.

 This is the duty roster that attracted my attention. It reminds me of the duty roster once published by class teacher when I was in primary school, but no pictures of us were pasted in the duty roster back then. Seeing the innocent faces, I wonder how actually this lucky fellas were doing in the class, mingling with the friends and teachers. I believe they were having fun doing the assigned chores.

We were done with cleaning part, now it is time to join the deco team. When we arrived at the premise, I saw there were so many things to paint, what with the floor, numbers of murals that were waiting to be painted, I doubt how we can complete painting all the murals in 1hour or so with less than 10 of us did the painting. Surprisingly, all painting were complete when we left to Besut!

Silently, I was amused...

We arrived at Bukit Keluang Resort in the evening and wasted no time to check in our room. And the room definitely was not dissapointing!

Each room accomodates 3 persons. I love the interior deco especially the ceiling of the challet which makes  the room looks larger and luxury.

We freshed up and resumed with the indoor team building for the day. *yawnn*

Every lot of the challet is connected with pathway which eventually lead to the musolla. Nice one!

The teambuilding continues to develop via group presentation, group war cry, fun ice breaking and many more activities that never failed to keep my heart thudding of nervous. hahaha

The following day, we kicked off our day with getting ourself wet in the sea. Wheeeeee~~ Of all activities, this part I like most. In the session we underwent the water endurance, where we were required to float ourselves on the seawater in a group of circle. Afterwards, we, female-only group built a raft and sailed in the sea! And by option, I didn't miss the chance to do canoeing when most of the female friends already tired and surrendered in the sunny day.  And despite of being the lone ranger in the crowd throughout the retreat,  I was having a blast! =)

This picture was taken early in the morning on the last day. Apparently this is the Bukit Keluang that have been talked for past few days. We were having short of time to hike it, tho. Nevermind. We wrapped the outdoor activity with CSR again, kutip-kutip sampah by the beach.

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Ju Zie said...

Best nye team building tempat lawa... Hotel pon cun, hehe...

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