Monday, October 29

Lontong, anyone?

Another cooking attempt in the kitchen with Mak was to serve pressed rice with  vegetable gravy , or we call it as lontong.

For the past decades, Mak has been serving the pressed rice with peanut sauce, or kuah kacang. So, I suggested to Mak to try another way of enjoying the pressed rice with lontong gravy.

Here are the items used for the lontong gravy..

1. cocunut milk 
2 . Garlic and shallots
3. Spices i.e anise, cumin

5. Long beans
6. Cabbage
7. Tofu (to be fried beforehand)
10.Turmeric, to add  natural yellow to the gravy
12. Lemon grass,

 This is the how.

1.Blend the shallots, garlics and galangal together into a paste. Fry the anise and cumin and followed with the  paste. Put the lemon grass to get the aroma comes out.
2. Add the coconut milk and insert some water, followed with the tumeric, let them boil.
3.Add the vegetable i.e cabbage, long beans, carrots until they are softer.
4.Add the tempe, fried tofu, and soohun and lastly, some salt.
5.Now the lontong is ready to be served!

And voila!~Some boiled eggs are also nice to have, with sambal tumis, and definitely with all-time family favourite, peanut sauce! Slrrpp~!

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