Friday, October 19

Mee Soto for Beginner

It was one of my fasting days when I suddenly craving for mee soto. Normally I had the dish only in certain occasions at office. Surely I can't wait that long to enjoy another delicious bowl of mee soto. Driven by the hunger, I decided to make my homemade mee soto.

Nevertheless, it was not complete without inventing some catastrophic incident by an amateur cook like me. I was carried away in the conversation with my Mak while the other hand was frying the sliced onions. And it was Mak who noticed that my kuali was hangit! Haiyoo!~

                                                                  Complete disaster!

The ingredients are as follows:

-1 chicken, boiled in water and and shred it when it is cool
-noodles, boiled until they are fully cooked
-100g bean sprouts, boiled and tossed them from the water
-spices, as in ketumbar,jintan putih, bunga lawang and kulit kayu manis
-red onions, garlic(to blend)

Methods :

- put the chicken into pot with water and boil until it is cooked
-toss the chicken and use the remaining boiled water for preparing the soup stock
-fry all the spices with blended items until the smell of the spice comes out, and pour the soup stock

Almost two hours racing in the kitchen, and tada..this is it!~

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