Saturday, October 27

PRM1 Raya celebration and suprise farewell!

6 Sept 2012

*This post has been loooonngg overdue.Oh how time flies sooo swiftly..*

Organizing 'open office' during festive season, especially in Syawal has been the yearly ritual at my office.  Days like these, we are invited to  the 'makan free' ocassion at neighbouring department almost everyday, until the last day of Syawal.

The section where I worked was no different. There were so many varieties of foods being served to the guests. But this time around, I was just one of the guests, not one of the host team anymore.  =)

As usual, before we were invited to eat, surely there will be speach from the host, welcoming remarks, opening remark, and whatnot, you name it. Well, this is just to add some flavour of formality to the event.

And..!! to my little suprise, it was not only a event for raya, but also to bid farewell for us who left the section recently, including myself.

I was unprepared with farewell speech, but do I have any other choice? Nada.

Even though it was celebrated in a small gesture, but I can't deny it,  I felt a sudden glow of appreciation.Alhamdulillah..

On the other hand, I was just transferred to the neighbouring department. Speaking of current job scope, I would say, it has changed my routine in work and life at 180 degree. Haiyooo. Gratefully, I find this change is exciting!

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