Saturday, September 15

Eid Mubarak 1433H

I guess it is never too late to wish a blessing Eid Fitr to the muslims out there, especially for those who happen to read my blog.

This year Eid Fitr marks a significantly awkward moment to my family especially during the morning of 1st Syawal. When all of my family members gathered to exchange forgiveness, the feeling of missing our late father was so apparent all over the faces. May  Allah s.w.t bless his soul. Amin..

                                                                          The girls

 After we had had our raya dishes, the nasi impit and satay, we visited the graves of the departed father and other relatives.

                                                                       The boys

People we love come and go, that is absolute rule of life. What most important is that the family bonding that we have in family will be strenghten over time, through thick and thin.

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