Tuesday, October 22

House skeleton turn to garage project

This is- was  the view from my house. It was a complete eye-sore as long as I can remember.  Everytime I map for delivery to my house when buying furniture , electric appliances and so on, the key point to tell the shop assistant that if they spot an abundant house skeleton, then only they will find my house.

It was a repetitive process for quite some time, like..for over ten years! There was some internal issues that hinders this house to be completely as it was supposed to be.

I have a long thought about this house, and there was time when I had had small talk with my late father about it to resume the construction until its completion. Over time, it was getting impossible due to logistic issues, and other things that I am not bother to mention it here.

And one day, I casually spoke to my mother and brother about my plan to demolish the skeleton and build a garage. It was just an empty talk initially.

Who knows the casual talk turns to serious thoughts after a while, then I decided to go for it.  The garage accommodates 5 cars simultaneously. It was worth it! And I was never been more delighted than this upon seeing my car in the garage, safely shaded.

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